What Do I Read Now?

What do I read now? This of course is in reference to what we did together last month in going through Proverbs. Now that we have completed the 31 Day Challenge the question has been asked… What do I read now? Well currently I am reading a NT Chronological Bible reading plan that is offered […]

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Day 31 – Proverbs 31

This is it… and throughout the book of proverbs over and over and over again men have been instructed to stay away from women… the wrong types of women. You know… The wrong “types”… The adulterous, skimpy clothed, sensual, and poisonously attractive types. And when we see one, even though the desire to explore enters […]

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Day 30 – Proverbs 30

The opening of this chapter commands our attention. Not only do we have a different writer, but the opening set of statements are very stunning. “I am weary, O God” Who has not been able to say that? No one, for we all go through this life with our own share of struggles. “I am […]

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