Leadership Realities 1


All leaders dreamed of what leadership would be like one day when they achieved gaining an official leadership position.  Though we all know they were leaders before they had the position all leaders looked forward to the day where they would take the helm and guide the ship.  We dreamed of success, of flawless execution of events, of everyone liking us.

But then reality set in, leadership wasn’t a rose garden.

One of the realities that sets in early is: people are going to talk about you while you are not around and some of those conversations are going to be negative in nature. The people you lead, both those that love you and don’t, are going to say things that are anything but nice while you are not around. This is a reality a leader must accept and deal with personally not publicly.  You will never be able to track down every conversation, every negative comment and smooth things over.  There are just going to be people who either don’t like you and talk negatively about you or people who are just trying to prove their worth to others by criticizing you when your back is turned gaining for themselves a false sense of importance.

Here are a few ways to deal with this personally,

  1. Accept the fact that people are going to say negative things when you are not present and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  Humanity in general has a negative vibe which permeates every facet of our society.
  2. Never give the “undisclosed sources” a chance to gain power over your mind. When someone comes to you and says “there are a lot of people who say, or feel a certain way” it is time to ignore what is being said to you.  If you listened to what was said, instead of worrying about the mysterious “unidentified sources”  do your best to erase that information from your mind and do not allow it to hold any weight over you. This is a tactic of the enemy or of someone who wants to win an argument with you or gain influence with you concerning what they want.
  3. Always require people to give you the names of their “secret sources”. If they refuse to do that end the conversation and do not give it another thought.
  4. Fact of life – if people will not come to you and talk with you (there is a difference between talking with you and telling you off – remember this fact) then what they have said is not worth much.  Sometimes people say things they really don’t believe but say them in the heat of the moment or while they are feeling emotionally charged.  Sometimes people say things about you that once they say them they realize they really don’t believe that about you.  If you and I are honest we have done the same thing as leaders.  It is so easy for our tongues to slip and say things that we really don’t believe.
  5. If you are a leader with vision people will resist the change that comes with that with their mouths.  Sometimes you will know about it sometimes you will not but just because this happened doesn’t mean that you are headed in the wrong direction.
  6. I know none of us want to be blindsided. We keep our ears to the ground to make sure we know what resistance is coming in the future. If we jump on everything we hear, especially when its hearsay, we create problems that exist only because we focused on them and gave them the power to grow.  If we had left those things alone they would have never gained power.  Leaders often create problems that wouldn’t have existed by not handling this leadership reality correctly.
  7. This last one is true of leadership in general.  Always focus on what is important, the vision you have, the direction of your organization and do not allow “I want everyone to think I’m the greatest leader ever or I want everyone to like me and approve of what I am doing” be what you focus on.  Remember the organization you are leading is not about your greatness or even making yourself great.  It is about making the people and the organization you lead the best it can be.  If your focus is on making the area you lead better what people say about you good or bad just doesn’t matter as much.

Short Leadership Thoughts for Today

Leadership Compass.jpg

At some level everything that happens with the people you are leading falls at your feet.  If they go astray, though you are not guilty of what they have done, it still falls at your feet to deal with their choices at some level.  If they have success, though they are the ones publicly praised and rewarded, it still falls at your feet as a leader for you gain much when the people you are leading succeed.

“Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership” – John Maxwell

Having the right team around you is just as important as having a vision.  The right team is more than just having a group of talented people around you.  Its having the right talented people that have strengths you do not have and strengths that you do have.  When it comes to staffing your weaknesses that is an easy task but when you began to staff your strengths it becomes a bit harder as a leader.  Staffing your strengths makes you give up somethings you are good at so you can focus on one or two things you are really good at.  The more laser focused you are in developing  your strengths the larger your organization will grow and succeed.  But this includes giving up somethings you are good at so you can become great in a few areas.

A well rounded successful leader doesn’t exist, well roundedness limits you.  This is something that at first doesn’t make sense however the more you think about it and how it plays out in life the more you realize it is true.  I have had to learn this over time (and still am learning more about it everyday).  When I was young I thought it was a great thing that I could do everything in the church I was leading at the time. I thought that made me a valuable leader and made what I could accomplish limitless.  This turned out to be untrue, the fact is it limited how far that church could go.

It couldn’t grow beyond me…

and that was small.

But with the right team around you and a vision to go for, what you can accomplish together blows away anything a “one hit wonder” can do. For success becomes multiplication rather than addition and subtraction.

8 Things you need to know about Easter


1.  The historical accounts of where the Easter Egg originated are mixed.  Some say it is connected to a pagan practice of celebrating fertility. Other accounts connect it to Mary (the mother of Jesus) who brought eggs with her the day Jesus died and his blood fell on a few of them, thus starting the coloring of the eggs tradition.  Others have the Easter Egg representing the new life that comes every spring. Some say we received the coloring of Eggs from the ancient Egyptians.

What we know for sure is the decorating of Eggs can be traced back to the 13th century.  Eggs were one of the foods that were forbidden during Lent season in those Medieval Times.  During the final few days leading up to Easter people would boil the eggs to keep them from going bad, would paint them different colors as a reminder of when they boiled them, and then on Easter (Lent being over) eat them.  Eggs became a very popular food to eat on Easter in Western Culture as a result of this.

2. Have you ever wondered how Jesus was in the grave for 3 days if He died on Friday?  Well, the fact is He did not die on Friday, He died on Thursday.  The first day of Passover was always considered to be a Sabbath Day (a day of rest) regardless of the day it began on.  When Jesus passed away, the first day of Passover was on a Friday thus Friday was a Sabbath day as was the following day (Saturday) thus they had two Sabbath Days in a row.  So Jesus was in the grave Thursday evening, Friday evening (Friday being a Sabbath because it was the first day of Passover) and Saturday evening.

The beginning day of Passover as a Sabbath day is one of Seven Specially called Sabbath Days that were commanded to be observed on a day other than the last day of the week. Leviticus 23 lists these special Sabbath days.

3. Bunnys do not lay eggs and Easter Beagles do not deliver them to children on Easter.

(Ok you probably knew that one)


4. When Jesus died a lot of tombs were opened and there were saints that were resurrected from those graves.  These resurrected people went to their homes in the city and appeared to their families and friends after Jesus was resurrected from the grave. Matthew 27:52-53

“Honey, I’m Home” (Faint)

5. Eggs were once used as birth certificates.  During the 19th century, if a family could not make it to a town hall quickly they would boil an egg, dye the egg according to the gender of the child (today it would be blue or pink I guess) and then they would inscribe the child’s name and birth date on the egg.

Yes, back then this was completely legal.

6. Cuba is now celebrating good Friday but only 10 US States and two territories still have it as an official holiday.


7. Jelly Beans were originally created by a Boston Candy maker for Civil War Soldiers.


8. The date of Easter moves each year based on the moon. In 325AD the Council of Nicaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.  Next year Easter is early, it will take place on March 27th 2016.

Easter Event Schedule for Farmington Baptist


Floating Communion – Thursday, April 13th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Drop by the church anytime between 6:30pm and 8:30pm to partake communion and remember His death in a very personal way. This is not a service, it is a time for you to get alone with God and remember the price that was paid for your sins.  You will be handed a communion guide when you arrive then you will enter the Worship Center and spend time with Jesus at your own pace.

Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday, April 15th, 10am – 12pm

For All Preschool and elementary aged kids (and parents too.)  Lunch will be provided.  Crafts, Egg Hunt, Stories and Food… what more could you ask for?

Free Coffee Shop – Easter Sunday, 9:30 – 10:45am

What better way to get to know your neighbors than to enjoy a cup of coffee together? Join us Easter Morning for our Community Coffee Shop just prior to our Resurrection Celebration. Come for the coffee, stay for the fellowship, sit with those you brought with you and celebrate the Savior!

Easter Worship Service  – Easter Sunday, 11am

The is moment we look forward to every year at Easter.  The Worship Service. Come and celebrate the Risen Savior and sit with your friends you have invited to come.

Luke 24:1-2 But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they went to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared. And they found the stone rolled away from the tomb,  but when they went in they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were perplexed about this, behold, two men stood by them in dazzling apparel.  And as they were frightened and bowed their faces to the ground, the men said to them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?  He is not here, but has risen.