October Music 2018

We are now just hours from the start of October Music for 2018, the moment you have all been waiting for! It will began tomorrow on October Eve (September 30th) as soon as our eyes open.  With the exception of Sundays, it is the only music that we play in our house for the whole […]

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Scuba Plants

Recently in an attempt to lower nitrates in my fish tank I bought a few live plants to add to the underwater environment. Scuba Plants Now before you google that know this – that is just what I affectionately call them.  In reality I now have 4 different types of plants in my aquarium.   […]

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It’s probably too early to clearly articulate the feeling of leaving one of your children at college.  It maybe something that can’t be articulated… But, what I will say is, nothing can prepare you for it. Now, to get to the moment is progressive but it is not a progressive change. Its sudden… The last […]

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The New Play in the Playbook

The devil has played a new play on me…. Of course it could be an old one and I’m just now recognizing it. It was brilliantly laid down and executed and patiently he has awaited my unraveling. He knows me very well. The card he played was a pain card… but not just any pain. […]

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Elisha and His Call

Currently I am working on a series of messages on the life of Elisha for next year.  So far it has been an intriguing study.  One thing that I have found to be very interesting – but will not cover it as of now in the series – is Elisha’s call to ministry.  It is […]

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All Things Work Out

The Elders and Deacons (at Farmington Baptist) this past month studied a little bit about the providence of God and how it relates to Romans 8:28… “And we know that all things work together for good to them that are called according to His purpose.” The teaching is simple – God’s providence overrides All things […]

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