Just a thought…

You can’t complain and have a heart of gratitude…. Impossible. You can’t express words of thanks and have a heart of complaint… That to is impossible. Complaining has an attitude that goes with it of… I am not satisfied, I am not happy, I don’t like this. I don’t like that, can you believe what […]

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26 days

26 days of non-stop activity, of music, laughter, horns blowing, bells ringing, sale tales, practices, performances, sweeting, freezing, nervousness, relaxing, football, basketball, paper ripping, check book depleting, children screaming, choirs singing, fun. Yesterday our family went to the first Christmas gathering of the season. It was good to see family members we do not normally […]

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2012 Teaser

So, tomorrow’s Sermon is a 2012 teaser. There are no graphics, no series names, no sermon title, just a sermon based on the concepts our church will be exploring in 2012… concepts that come… January 2011 will become sermons that will be placed on the 2012 preaching calendar. The sermons for 2012 will be based […]

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Word Slip Ups

I am not pushing political candidate but Sarah Palin’s post yesterday says a lot about words and phrases people take out of context to hurt your creditability. This is an issue we all face from time to time… So Read the following post by Sarah and Stay tuned for a follow up post… My fellow […]

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Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain were two comic characters that were always trying to take over the world as part of The Animaniacs tv show. They were mice, one was smart the other one not so smart. They used everything that was in reach to help them with their plot to rule the world. If you […]

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An Unfortunate Recap

It started 2. Weeks ago I would say, our heat pump started “acting up”. No better yet it started before then when our dishwasher stopped draining water and our clothes dryer quit doing it’s job. These were the beginnings of a series of unfortunate events… which included a contact ripping two Saturday’s ago and the […]

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