It is good to reflect this time of year over the events that have occured during this year…. Events that were good and bad. If you are breathing you have had both. Some people can only remember the bad things that have happened while others can only remember the good. If you fit into either […]

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I think we should hire everyone that has submitted a video on AFV.  Here is why. 1. AFV people are not afraid to try things, like snow boarding off a roof. 2. AFV people are not afraid to laugh about their mistakes. 3. AFV people are not afraid to admit they made a mistake, infact […]

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It was a manger, in a stable. Whether it was a cave that was a stable or one made of wood it doesn’t matter. If the manger was wood or stone, that detail doesn’t matter either. It was still a stable, and in a moment only mothers understand a baby was born. Not just any […]

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Take 4 Senior Gifts

Farmington Baptist church delivers care packages to a group of Seniors in our area for Christmas, this is only a small part of what occurred with Take it to the Streets AKA “Take 4”. For 105 Children received Christmas care packages as well. Praise the Lord!

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