Church Growth

Make no mistake, Farmington Baptist Church is growing. Why? Because of the providence of God. He is sending people our way and we are thankful for that. If it wasn’t for the providence of God a church would not grow. You can have the best strategies, the best pastoral staff, the best leadership and still […]

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I Love Winter

I love Winter, I have no reason to hate it. I think each season is great. If it was Spring right now I would love it. If it was Summer I would love it, and if the leaves were turning I would love being apart of that as well. Winter is no different. We hear […]

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Science Project

Yep, my daughter and I are doing a science project together. She is doing the work, I am just helping. Now the “normal science projects”… the Brande’s… well we can’t seem to do those for some reason. So…. what does my Daughter want to do for her science fair project? She wants to test the […]

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Just shake their hand.

Do you ever hear people talking about their church and they make a statement like: “No one ever shakes my hand at church.” Here is what they are saying…. my church is not friendly, I do not feel like people like me or want me there anymore. Now we all want our churches to be […]

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