Month: February 2011

God Speaks

It is an amazing thing that the God of creation would speak with us. We are creations that have rejected our creator but He still chooses to make contact.


“The word of the Lord came to Jonah” (Jonah 1:1)

If you are a believer, you want this to happen.. for God to speak to you this way. We often say… “If God would just tell me what He wants me to do I would do it.” It would be great if He would communicate to me like He did with the prophets of old.

Well… He has and does.

The Bible is His written word to you…. ok we know this…

and the The Holy Spirit Speaks to you through that word… ok got it.

But He is not limited to those two things. God speaks to us through circumstances in our lives, and even with a voice.


Are we quiet enough to hear it?

Are we aware enough to recognize it?

Do we read the Bible enough to see it?

Are we submitted to the Spirit enough to feel it?


Random Thursday

Random 1 – On the way to work today, I was behind a truck… a FORD truck… that when he turned his turn signal on, booth sides clinked but not at the same time ( example – the right side would come on and go off then the left side would come on and go off then the right side would come on and go off and then the left side would come on and go off and so on….) so it was hard to determine which way he was going to go. It was confusing.

Random 2 – Adding a New song to the Thanksgiving mix (songs we play in November) “When I think about the Lord” by Shane and Shane.

Random 3 – Devotions today are out of Matthew 25.

Random 4 – My daughter made her “first shot” last night in her basketball game. (It was the first round of the tournament… they also won)

Random 5 – Found my Jason’s Deli Gift Card that I needed yesterday….

Random 6 – Its raining…. that means its time for rain music!

Random 7 – looking forward to our sweet heart banquet in March. I am in charge of the games. One of the games is already planned…. it is going to be fun!

Random 8 – ” Is your church worth crossing the street for?” Jason Young

Random 8.1 – Is your community worth your church crossing the street? Jesus says yes..

Random 8.2 – Both of these questions must be answered in order for your church to be worth it.

Random 9 – Plans change sometimes…


Are you ready for Jesus to return?

In general, I think we are all ready. We desire, in our hearts for the suffering, pain and evil in this world to be conquered. For Jesus to come and set things right.

But…. are you ready for Jesus to return?

If He came today would He find you faithfully serving Him at the tasks He has given you to do?

“Therefore, be on alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming. For this reason you also must be ready; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will.” Matthew 24:42,44

Are you Ready?

Live a Life of Honor

Do your kids know that you love them? Do they know you like them? Do they know you do not mind having them around? Do they think they are special to you? Have you as a parent made a positive connection with them?

Proverbs 17:6 – speaks of Grandparents being proud of their grandchildren and then talks about children being proud of their parents.

Yes proud of their parents…

not adversaries…

But, kids are commanded to obey and honor their parents, right?


But which would you rather have… forced honor or willing honor?

Proverbs 17:6 speaks of children, without any prompting, speaking of you,( to their friends and the people they come into contact with), positively. They are glad to be your child. Proud d to have you as a parent.

Is this possible?

Yes and it starts with you being proud of them, treating them as a reward from the Lord and a determination to love them irrationally. They need to know they are special to you. (Psalms 127:3)

When you talk to other people, your friends, your relatives they need to hear that you are proud of them. That you enjoy having them as your children.

But my kids are so bad! Well, you made them that way. Proverbs teaches it is up to the parent to move the child away from the foolishness that is in their heart. If you put up with it, and allow it… then own it and don’t use it against them so you can look good (like a “parent that has done everything they could”) around your friends by making your children look bad.

After all, your children are not going to honor you when you do not honor them.

Finally, live what you say, and follow God to the best of your ability. If you mess up… own it and correct the behavior. And if the Bible says to live a certain sort of way, do your best to live that way. forget the do as I say not as I do mentality. (I wish I had more time for this one…. but you can start by living the way the book of proverbs calls us to live.)

If you determine in your heart to be a man or woman of honor. Your children will notice and will be proud of you…

and that is great motivation.

A reward beyond comprehension.


I think we should hire everyone that has submitted a video on AFV.  Here is why.

1. AFV people are not afraid to try things, like snow boarding off a roof.

2. AFV people are not afraid to laugh about their mistakes.

3. AFV people are not afraid to admit they made a mistake, infact they will take credit for it on the ” world stage”

4. AFV people find the good in the accident that just happened.

5 AFV people know how to get the most out of life.

You see people that do not make ” any mistakes” are no fun, in fact those that point out other peoples mistakes in a degrading manner have character issues.  These people will also cover up their own mistakes or they believe they truly never do anything wrong and so they never apologize.  These types of people can cause a lot of damage to an organization and they never change ( though they think they are open to it).  

Mistakes are how we learn. Failures are really just gigantic steps forward.  The only way to go forward is to say… I blew it there, I was wrong to say or do that. Then move forward avoiding that mistake in the future.

So whatever has happened to you this year, just learn from it and go forward.  If you find yourself complaining about someone else check your heart for that is where the problem is.  Take the next few days  and deal with these issues of the heart and ask God to help you be less critical of others and more honest about your own strengths and weaknesses.

If you do this you will set yourself up for a better relationships, you will have a better view on life, you will learn new things and you will find you will not get upset quite as often.

AFV – I made and Mistake… now lets laugh and learn.