Month: March 2011

Breathe In

Sometimes when you are doing what God wants you to do things happen like….

One of our memebers who was putting stamps on envelopes for a major outreach event we are doing, ( (we call it Take 2 for short) Her cat puked all over the ‘already stuffed and labeled’ envelopes… While she was working on them. Of all the places in the house… the one spot the cat choose to puke was on the outreach letters.

It was a moment to Breathe In and trust God.

Friday (that’s tomorrow) we had planned to distribute information concerning the movie ( at the school. Guess what? There was early dismissal today, but thats not the problem. Here is the issue…


Yep…. its a moment to Breathe In and trust God.

A Family – their daughter has been in the hospital for over 34 days. There are still complications. In fact now there are complications with the solution to the problem she has been having. We have prayed, we have talked to God, and we have asked why. The parents keep rolling with the punches. Their desire for it to be over is strong as is their desire to take their daughter home.

Its been hard… but they are learning to Breathe In and trust God… and so are we.

You may have had a bad day. You may be living for God the best you can and things are still going wrong. You may be in a situation where you know what you are pursuing is God’s will for you and stuff just keeps hitting you “out of left field” – like cat puke. You may have prayed and prayed and prayed for relief in a specific situation in your life and it just seems to get worse and worse.

Well, Its time…

Yep, its time….

To Breathe In and trust God.


Take 2 Press Release…

How far would you go? How much would you risk? How hard would you fight?

To Save A Life

FREE Movie Night at North Davie Middle School
Friday, April 8th at 7:00pm
Sponsored by Farmington Baptist Church

FREE childcare (for younger children-ages 2 thru 5th grade) will also be available on site at North Davie Middle School

For more information, visit our website

To Save A Life (rated PG 13) is a movie about the real-life challenges that teens face every day. To Save A Life is the story of all-American teen, Jake Taylor, who seems to have it all.  But after a childhood friend’s death, Jake’s world turns upside down, and he is forced to make a decision that could change his life forever.  To Save A Life is about making unexpected choices and sacrifices, while having the courage and determination to persevere against all odds.
This movie will impact the hearts & minds of those who view it! To further address those tough topics from the movie, you & your family are invited to the services at Farmington Baptist Church on Sunday, April 10th. Teens will have an opportunity to begin a series of discussions (based on those tough issues from the movie) at 10:00am in our youth area. When you arrive at Farmington Baptist Church, volunteers will be ready to greet you and direct you to the correct area. During the 11:00am worship service, the message will deal with the overall concept of the movie.

We look forward to seeing you at Movie Night!!


Over the past few weeks, the blog has taken on a new sort of feel. In the past I was using it as a writing tool. A tool that would express my thoughts at the moment I sat down to write. Sometimes those post were spiritual in nature, they came from just being God’s child. Other post were just imaginative… such as the Possum Chronicles. Then there were post on something “leadership wise” that happened to be on my mind at the time I sat down.

For me (and I know this post is me me me) blogging is a hobby. Its a way to express myself. I am not the best writer in the world but I love to do it. Grammar and spelling are not my strengths but it is a thrill to put thoughts in readable form. Life is full of creative moments where imagination can run wild, where lessons are learned and is filled moments where God speaks to the soul.

So, I’m going back to the original reason I began blogging in the first place.

Its something I just love to do…. so heres going back to blogging whats on my mind… rather than doing it as a result of research.

If you want the biblical research side… I know a good church where they let me do that every Sunday Morning and Wednesday evening. They are an awesome group of people, and here is where you can get directions and more information about that community of believers.

Random Thursday

Random 1 – So far my NCAA Bracket is good. However I did fill it out when there was 32 teams left.

Random 2 – You know sometimes you turn around and an hour is gone. How does that happen?

Random 3 – Left my Bible in a truck of a friend of mine…. I miss that bible

Random 4 – Did not get much done on future sermon plans this week. Will have to hit it hard next week.

Random 5 – Nice Sermon Twist… NICE

Random 6 –

Random 7 –

Random 8 – Ate at TJs tonight… it was good.

Random 9 – Not a fan of American Idol but will watch it with the wife tonight

Random 10 – lt is up and running. Go check it out.

Random 11 – Go check out the Take 2 Face Book page. North Davie Movie Night.

Random 12 – Oh to be 8 again.

Random 13 – Back to it

Just Kill Me!

It is very striking to say the least, that Jonah the prophet wants God to kill him because God is Gracious, Merciful, slow to anger and Abounding in grace to everyone. (Jonah 4:4)

Just kill me….


As odd as this phrase is it is a phrase of control. It’s like Jonah is saying “Maybe God will relent on His relenting when he realizes how hurt I am”.

Anger is its own method of trying to control a situation. Anger tends to happen when we lose control.

There were reasons why Jonah could point the finger at the Assyrians and call foul.

They did this….

They did that…

They are horrible…

They, They, They…

This is also a tactic of control. It is a diversion. A diversion to get the focus off our own heart’s condition.

Jonah is more than willing to work on everyone elese wrong…. he is more than willing to point the finger and say they are in the wrong. He is more than willing for them to receive the punishment they deserve.

Not so willing to admit his own wrong.

He will not look in his own heart.

Sometimes God does things, like save a whole nation, to make us wrestle with what is inside.

Sometimes God makes that person or group successful in order for us to wrestle with what is really going on inside our own soul and we either wrestle with it and come to grips with it, or we go further and further into dispare….

I don’t belong,

I don’t fit in,

I don’t want to accept the reality God has placed around me,

just kill me.

I’ll just retreat.

The “problem” with this method?

God is not willing to give up on you. He continues to work with us, to get our attention so we will deal with what is wrong inside of us.

So our life will change… for the better.

Are you willing to look inside and let God show you what needs to change?

“Righteous Anger”

This post is written by somebody else besides me…. I have lost their name. So just know this post is not an original. It does fit in with our devotionals on Jonah though.

The Jonah narrative would have been complete if it ended in Chapter 3 verse 10. The goal was to get Nineveh to repent and be saved, right? Not really. The story is not so much about Nineveh as it is about Jonah—and the people he stands for, that is Israel as a chosen people vis-à-vis the character that God expects of them, demonstrated by the example he sets.

If Pharisees would have existed during Jonah’s time, Jonah would have made a classic one. Pharisees of Jesus time knew all about God’s law and all about God’s judgment, even about God’s mercy—intellectually. They engaged God with the head, not the heart. They recognized their special place as a chosen people and reveled in it as though they had a special preserve of God’s favor. They were quick to see how God would judge and destroy the wicked, but were hard-pressed to feel compassion for anyone they considered evil. And they got grumpy when Jesus showed mercy to sinners and tax-collectors, so grumpy that they plotted how to kill Jesus and succeeded. Well. Jonah was so eaten with anger at Nineveh’s salvation that it took all the pleasure out of living. He literary prayed to die.

Sounds far fetched from today’s Christians? How often do we harbor ‘righteous anger’ at those we consider to have wronged us or those we think are doing evil? How often do we pray that God would teach ‘those people’ a lesson? What we do not admit is that if we were in God’s shoes, we would cause something bad—evil—to happen to them. We would seek revenge.

Jonah 4 teaches us an important lesson. No matter what wrong people have done, it is never, ever our prerogative to curse or will evil on them. That prerogative belongs to God and even he desires that everyone should repent and be saved (Ezekiel 18:23). As quoted by Jonah he is full of mercy, slow to anger and rich in love. To curse and seek revenge is to be in league with the kingdom of darkness, and there is already enough suffering in the world on the devil’s account. Those that do evil are in bondage to Satan; often they are not even aware of their bondage. So the least we can do is to compassionately pray for them. Deut 32:35 says, “Vengeance is mine…the Lord will vindicate his people” “Beloved, never avenge yourself, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘vengeance is mine, I will repay…if your enemies are hungry, feed them…for by doing this, you will heap burning coals on their heads. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12: 19-21).

This reflection comes back to us—Christians. The outburst of your ‘righteous anger’ or whatever form it may take is actually a revelation of who you have been all along. It tells a great deal about the depth of your transformation if there is any transformation at all. You may have been a Christian for a long time, converted, going to heaven, but if heaven is not in your heart, you will not get as many people as possible ready to go to heaven because your life testifies against your witness. If you are to be a credible witness, your life needs to embody a certain character, the character of Christ.