Random Thursday

1. I have a birth certificate.  There are various things I have had to use it for.  It is in a secured location in my house.  At a moments notice I can go get it.  I also have a passport. 2.  Looking forward to Sunday…. 3. My head is itching 4. We have my wife’s […]

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We Got Em!

Have you ever noticed that no one tries to take a pot shot at a loser. For example – Apple – There is a headline today with the Apple Logo that says “This ones been a long time coming.”  They are saying FINALLY WE GOT EM!  But the article is rubbish, so they will have […]

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The way you talk…

Peter has followed Jesus, from Gethsemane to Caiaphas’ court room.  As he stands there with a group of people, people from various walks in life, he is approached for a third time and here is what they say… You really are one of them! Look… the way you talk makes it obvious! (Matthew 26:73) The […]

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