Month: June 2011


We need each other.

We all need each other.

We often do not act like we do.

As a pastor I can say it is easy to focus inward on your church, your life, your message, your mission, your ___________(fill in the blank). The more inward focused we become as a church, as a pastor, as an individual the weaker we become, the less we accomplish and the lonelier we are.

One is a lonely number.

The fact is we need each other.

We need Christians to be strong and following the Lord in their everyday lives.

We need churches reaching out to their community and if it means uniting with a church down the street to do something to reach people we do it… we connect… we come together for it.

Two are better than one, and three united is even better. Once you get past three… it’s all multiplication from there and mountains begin to move.

When we connect together for a cause BIG things happen and I think it is because God is pleased when His children work together.

What is your church doing this fall with other churches?

If you do not have anything, and your church is in Davie County I have something you could consider. Just email me @



Everything points to God…


The sun rise,

the sun set,

the clouds,

the beauty of mountain and sea.

All point to His greatness.

Everything points to God…


Hurt, pain, sickness, tragedy and even death point to man’s rebellion against God, a rebellion that went against God’s





And points to God’s greatness,

for even in our rebellion He loved us and did not destroy us.

He gave us another chance.

Everything Points to God,


The birds,

the bees,

the continuance of creation through the natural birth of things,

including the regeneration of plants,

all point to God

We can talk and talk and talk about evolution all we want but at the end of the day it doesn’t change the fact that we were created. We may not admit to it, but we know it. Because even our insides point to God.

There is a fate that is ahead for all of us… a fate that takes the foolish and the wise, the rich and the poor, the smart and the gifted.


Even death points to God.

We know inside there is a permanence to our existence, we always think we are younger than we really are. Our bodies are aging moving toward the day of death, but inside we all have a feeling of timelessness…

that is permanence.

It says we are eternal beings, that there is something more than just this existence under the sun.

This is a witness to the one that created us…


So we can find salvation…


So life could be lived to its fullest

Holy Spirit.

All indicators, pointers if you will… that there is a God and He is interested in…


Yes, even you.

Everything points to God…


even you.


I guess if you say you are going be “plugged back in and “back to posting” by tomorrow which was yesterday, you probably should post something… today.

Yep… that would probably be a good idea.

Here’s the issue…

I tend to underestimate the amount of work that is available to do, after I have been on vacation a few days. If I had estimated it correctly I would have posted yesterday’s post today, not posted this post today and posted tomorrow’s post tomorrow after I wrote it tomorrow morning.

Instead, I choose to post yesterdays post yesterday and post this post today and will still post tomorrow’s after I write it in the morning.

Therefore, because I underestimated my work load, you now have this post… a post that would not have been posted if I had the wit to estimate correctly.

So, this is some what of a bonus post. Posted at the end of today, in fulfillment of a promise made in yesterday’s post.

After all… what you are wearing right now you also wore, the day after yesterday.

Trust me… the last comment is out of the blue but very true.

Until tomorrow…



Yes the last few days I unplugged for a bit. Tomorrow will be an official plug back in day. Here is why the unplugging occurred.

Thursday Morning my wife informed me she was taking me to Washington DC. This was a complete surprise. She had a speaker for Sunday, someone to take the kids and a place to stay. So, I did what anyone would have done…. I went.

Then I made the decision to unplug and just focus on the trip.

So there you go…

and this is going to be it for this post.

We’ll be back in full swing tomorrow.

BTW – I love my wife!

The Possum Chronicles II

Havsum had made it to the expanse with 6 children on her back, the other 7 had been “taken” the night before.

Mommy, what is it? (Troublesum)

Honey, I don’t know.

Can I have something to eat? (Needsum)

Not right now.

Havsum touched the ground of the expanse, she wondered why it was hard. She had always wondered.

Hey, what’s this mom? (Ventursum)

I don’t know son, I don’t know.

I wanta touch it, I wanta touch it (Ventursum)

Not a good idea.

Why not?  You touched it! (Ventursum)

Do you need a tail wackin?



Grass moving

Grass moving… sound getting closer

What’s that sound? (Troublesum)

Getting closer….. smell unfamiliar.

Alright kids you know what to do. (whisper)


Havsum, wake up, WAKE UP! (Grissum)

For the 43rd time…

Why aren’t they sleeping in a tree? (Newsum)

They are playing dead, something spooked them. (Grissum)

Dah… they are so cute went dey  er sleepy-in (Dumsum)

Look I found a bug! (Jensum)

Grissum put his noise under Havsum’s belly and rocked her. This startled her she rose up quickly on her hind legs, with the kids holding on for dear life, hissing at her assumed attacker, 51 and 1/2 teeth showing.

Newsum, Dumsum, Jensum, hit the ground…


Havsum it’s me, it’s me Grissum.

Havsum came to her senses. Heart beating, adrenaline flowing.

It’s just you, Grissum, it is just you.

What scared you enough to cause you to pass out like that?

Grass was moving, unfamiliar smell, it came closer and closer. I was scared so we hit the ground. I don’t remember anything after that…

Havsum’s kids were now peaking over her shoulders.

Why are you way out here at the expanse? (Grissum)

For the same reason you are. (Havsum)

Do you know anything about this? Why it feels different, what is on the other side of the expanse?

My second husband went to the other-side, never saw him again. Thats all I know.

Hey do you here that?

Grass moving.

Yea, it sounds like it is coming from the other side of the expanse. (Havsum)

Grass moving, sound is closer.

The smell is the same smell of a little earlier. 

Well what ever frightened you is coming back. (Grissum)

What do we do? (Havsum)

Well we know it did not harm you before, so lets just lay down and close our eyes. Not like a total play dead but a playing, play dead and see what happens. (Grissum)

End of grass sound, light foot steps, out of rhythmic order, approaching.

Ok Play,playing dead. (Grissum)

Alright children eyes closed and not a sound.

Almost deadness….

step step, pause, step step step, pause, step st-pause-ep step step step step pause. Closer and closer.

Grass moving, right next to them, a pause.

Grissum slowly opened one eye, and there it was…….

A chicken!


Life is empty. So empty it feels like death.

The world offers this.

The world offers that.

This gadget will do this.

This drink will make you feel that.

In the end “it” all comes up so…


There is a surface joy that comes when you redo your kitchen, you buy a new car, you move into a new house, you get the promotion, when you receive something, something from this life.

but soon it fades

Fades as quick as the joy came..


like vapor from a mouth on a cold morn.

Its all vanity. (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

This is what things under the sun will offer… surface fleeting joy.



But over the sun… there is something else.

Over the sun is the God who created it all. The God who desires a relationship with you. A relationship that opens the door for deep Joy to enter, giving you a new heart, a new soul, and a new life. A place where God enjoys you and you enjoy God.

A joy that can’t be found in the things under the sun.

True lasting enjoyment comes from being enchanted with the God who created us. Its when everything under the sun becomes… vanity.

True joy comes after we quit expecting earthly things to bring us satisfaction and we focus on living for God rather than ourselves.

If you are empty… and satisfaction has left your soul, it is not because there is no God or that He has left you. Its your focus is off…

and it is time to focus back on Him, and your relationship with Him.


Pray until the things under the sun fade to vanity and your fellowship with God (who made the sun) is back to being what it should be.

Because to not be empty…. we first have to see the emptiness of life without Him, and become disillusioned with all the world has to offer.

For it is at this moment of disillusionment we find, true life, satisfaction and joy are only found in Him.