We need each other. We all need each other. We often do not act like we do. As a pastor I can say it is easy to focus inward on your church, your life, your message, your mission, your ___________(fill in the blank). The more inward focused we become as a church, as a pastor, […]

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Everything points to God… Everything. The sun rise, the sun set, the clouds, the beauty of mountain and sea. All point to His greatness. Everything points to God… Everything. Hurt, pain, sickness, tragedy and even death point to man’s rebellion against God, a rebellion that went against God’s will, love, compassion, companionship. And points to […]

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I guess if you say you are going be “plugged back in and “back to posting” by tomorrow which was yesterday, you probably should post something… today. Yep… that would probably be a good idea. Here’s the issue… I tend to underestimate the amount of work that is available to do, after I have been […]

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Yes the last few days I unplugged for a bit. Tomorrow will be an official plug back in day. Here is why the unplugging occurred. Thursday Morning my wife informed me she was taking me to Washington DC. This was a complete surprise. She had a speaker for Sunday, someone to take the kids and […]

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The Possum Chronicles II

Havsum had made it to the expanse with 6 children on her back, the other 7 had been “taken” the night before. Mommy, what is it? (Troublesum) Honey, I don’t know. Can I have something to eat? (Needsum) Not right now. Havsum touched the ground of the expanse, she wondered why it was hard. She […]

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Life is empty. So empty it feels like death. The world offers this. The world offers that. This gadget will do this. This drink will make you feel that. In the end “it” all comes up so… empty. There is a surface joy that comes when you redo your kitchen, you buy a new car, […]

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