Two Powerful Words…

Thank you. When is the last time someone said thank you, to you? Was it your spouse, children, sister, brother, mother, father… Mother In Law… (May be a long shot for you) When is the last time someone said thank you, to you? Was it at Walmart? Food Lion, Sam’s, Belk, McDonalds… Lowes Food (you […]

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Last Space Shuttle Mission

I am going to miss the space shuttle. In my opinion it was the coolest spaceship we have ever created. From the cargo bay-doors, to it looking like an airplane, to the awesome images of it in space, and each launch… all were awesome to behold. It is hard to let go. My generation is […]

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Cry Wolf!

When you get the inclination to slam, and bash people close to you (or other wise)… its a moment to cry “wolf!”. In the conversation where someone else’s character is being smeared… even if the situation is true… its a moment to cry “wolf!” Jesus says that wolves come into our lives looking like sheep. […]

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It is good to be back home and honestly, great to be back at work. I missed being at Farmington Baptist yesterday and look forward to seeing everyone soon. But until then… Here are a few things that will be happening in the next few weeks at FBC. 1. Summer Spectacular work night – Wednesday […]

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I continue to learn each day about relationships and how they work. Here are a few things that have come to mind as I sit here late at night, right before I head off for a good nights sleep. 1. When there is a conflict or a tense situation, it is always good to reflect […]

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