Month: July 2011

Summer Spectacular 2011

Summer Spec. begins Sunday Night July 31st @ 6:45pm…

Here is a video from last year, Enjoy!

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Two Powerful Words…

Thank you.

When is the last time someone said thank you, to you?

Was it your spouse, children, sister, brother, mother, father…

Mother In Law… (May be a long shot for you)

When is the last time someone said thank you, to you?

Was it at Walmart? Food Lion, Sam’s, Belk, McDonalds…

Lowes Food (you know the orange stickers they put on un-bagged items you purchase…)

When was the last time?

Here’s the better question… (and I’m sure you “saw” this comming…)

When was the last time you said Thank You?


take a moment to think about it.

When was the last time you said thank you…

to your spouse, children, sister, brother, mother, father…

Mother in law (ouch! it may hurt to say it…)

for even something small they have done for you?

Those two words, “Thank You” are powerful words. They show appreciation, they change your thinking, they change environments, they create positive vibes in relationships, they show that its not all about you, they show that people do not owe you… they do not have to do what they have done and you recognize that and appreciate them for it.

Thank You…

When was the last time you used those words?

Regardless… it is time to say them again.

Who in your world needs to hear these words today?

Who should hear them?

Last Space Shuttle Mission

I am going to miss the space shuttle. In my opinion it was the coolest spaceship we have ever created. From the cargo bay-doors, to it looking like an airplane, to the awesome images of it in space, and each launch… all were awesome to behold.

It is hard to let go. My generation is the generation of the Space Shuttle. We have really never known life without it. I remember the first launch, watched the first accident take place (on TV in High School) and recently watched a documentary on the Shuttle’s mission to the Hubble Telescope for maintenance.

Other than the accidents, that I wish would not have happened… its been an exciting 30 years.

I wonder what the next space vehicle design will look like…

What do you think?

Cry Wolf!

When you get the inclination to slam, and bash people close to you (or other wise)… its a moment to cry “wolf!”.

In the conversation where someone else’s character is being smeared… even if the situation is true… its a moment to cry “wolf!”

Jesus says that wolves come into our lives looking like sheep. They look for ways to turn us against each other, they look for ways to stir us up, to get us to mouth off, to tear down, to create trouble. They seek to devour us.

He then instructs us to watch out… cry “Wolf”, when needed.

Everyone that doesn’t act correctly, or speak correctly isn’t automatically a wolf. Most of the time they are just sheep that have been stirred up. But it is the result of a wolf that has stirred them up. He wants to split things up, to get sheep retreat and be alone.

A wolf eats one sheep at a time… and not around other sheep.

A wolf is not necessarily human. Demons often work, playing with people’s minds. Causing fear, discomfort… doubt. Stirring until they lash out. Stirring until those people have moved on to a different path… a path of destruction.

It could be the complaint by the friend that bothers you to much.

The scheduling issue that gets on your last nerve.

The way you feel about change that is happening in your business or organization.

The lack of compassion for your situation. “Those people should care more.”

Its when you are inclined to react destructively even when you think you are justified in doing so.

It is in these times… before we do something, say something we can’t take back, or do something we can’t undo… we pause and cry “Wolf”.

We Cry “Wolf” then change direction… turn from the destructive way telling the wolf to take a hike and get out… we will not be stirred up by you any more.

you will be glad you did.


It is good to be back home and honestly, great to be back at work. I missed being at Farmington Baptist yesterday and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

But until then… Here are a few things that will be happening in the next few weeks at FBC.

1. Summer Spectacular work night – Wednesday July 2oth beginning at 6:30pm. This will be our final one, our goal is to have all decorations finished and ready to be “put up”. I enjoy these evenings, it is great to see the church come together for fellowship and to serve.

2. Communion (in the Old church… i.e. the children’s worship center (CWC)), a quick business meeting and then a Homemade ICE CREAM SOCIAL! – Sunday Night July 24th Starting 5:30pm – looking forward to this.

3. Summer Spectacular – July 31st – August 3rd – 6:45pm- 8:30pm – If you have not registered your child you can do that at under events. That reminds me… I need to register my children… that may be a good idea, being the pastor and all.

4. August will be reboot Month for us (FBC)… more details on this to come. (Plans for the reboot will be discussed at the business meeting See # 2)

Alright… now to get “back” to it!


I continue to learn each day about relationships and how they work. Here are a few things that have come to mind as I sit here late at night, right before I head off for a good nights sleep.

1. When there is a conflict or a tense situation, it is always good to reflect on our personal actions to see if we could have handled the situation better. Most of the time when we take time to do this, we will find one or several things we could have done to handle the situation better and will come to realize what we have done wrong to the person we are having the conflict with. Once we have identified our wrong in the situation we go to the person and apologize for the part we played in the conflict. (Boy that is hard to do)

2. When someone apologizes to you it is not time to preach them a sermon… it is time to just say I forgive you. Yes, there may be things to talk about in order to work through the situation… we just need to be willing to make sure we have that conversation in the right way. There is nothing worse than for someone to apologize and then get a tongue lashing in return.

3. People are not idiots… they generally have a reason for what has happened. It might not be the way you would have gone about it… but at least they did something.

4. Sometimes the same thing that irritates you, is irritating them. Sometime people come across as being on the opposite side of the issue when in fact they are on the same side you are on. They are just saying it differently

These are not all inclusive… just 4 additional points to the conversation that started on Sunday with our message. Reconciliation – (Truly Part 2)

Remember relationships are important to Jesus, to make the effort to hold them together always has better results than when we do things to break them apart.