A New Stage

With the beginning of school this year my family has entered a new stage of life. It is more of a change than I thought it would be. It includes a schedule change for when I work as well as a few parenting adjustments. It will only be for a short while, but even when […]

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Relevant Magazine has a post on there website that list the top six issues that divide Christians today… here is their list… 1. Homosexuality. This is an explosive issue and is only going to get more explosive within the Christian church in the years to come. It’s the single biggest challenge facing the Church… 2. […]

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Mustard Seed Quotes

Just a few quotes I ran across today that went with the yesterday’s message Truly 8 – Faith 4 The previous sentence was written on Monday… it is now Tuesday and I just added #3, and changed the name of the post… keep checking back and we will see where this post goes. 1. Obstacles […]

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It’s Worth It

It is easier than I would like to admit. In fact deep in my soul I wish it wasn’t as easy as it is to take my eyes off Jesus. There are just so many things in this life that grab at, look for, and desire my attention. It seems that when I really focus […]

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I get it, I do. Why people do not like change… shoot… I’m not to fond of it either… unless it is going to solve a problem but changes that happen because of life… well, I could really do without them… or could I? With the moving of my daughter to middle school there is […]

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Middle School Eve

So here we are, and our kids are bed on Middle School Eve. Tonight, in the car on the way home from church my daughter says… Well tonight’s my last night as a Fifth Grader… And so it is… By tomorrow…. Was So I sit here, with my iPad, in bed… the kids are asleep […]

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