Well, the last few days have been non-stop. I know some of you have have been busy as well. In fact I have been so busy I have not had a chance to write anything lately, and my house is at a standstill with several projects (including grass cutting) waiting on me. What needs to […]

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I woke up this morning around 5am thinking about all the sins I had committed over the past few days. Times I acted without thinking Spoke without using wisdom Felt without control. and each time I messed up. Some sins were obvious to people, others were well hidden from view, each made me wonder why […]

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Name Changes

Seems that name change is the theme of the day… For instance Piedmont Baptist College is pursuing changing their name to Piedmont International University (PIU). Just a few years a go they changed their name from Piedmont Bible College to Piedmont Baptist College. The Southern Baptist Convention is talking about changing their name. They of […]

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I ate lunch with my son last Friday… it was quite the experience. He was very happy I came… of course that may have been because of the chicken Mcnugget happy meal… what kid would not be excited about McDonalds? During the course of “events” the kids began to arm wrestle each other. “The class […]

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Take it to the Streets – 5

“Take it to the streets” as clumsy as the phrase is, serves as a mental reminder that we are to take the church to the community. This December, God has given us an opportunity to do just that. Here is what’s happening. 1. Our Christmas program this year will not be performed at Farmington Baptist […]

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