Month: September 2011


Well, the last few days have been non-stop. I know some of you have have been busy as well. In fact I have been so busy I have not had a chance to write anything lately, and my house is at a standstill with several projects (including grass cutting) waiting on me.

What needs to be done screams out at me every time I am at home. And its a loud scream!

I know some of you reading this have heard that scream before and may even be hearing it now.

It is during these times we may be tempted to not have our quiet moment with the Lord during the day. Let’s not fall for that. My prayer is that even thought the weight of want needs to be done is great… God will give me the strength I need to not allow busyness to take the place of my time with Him.

It is so important.

You pray for me… and if you want me to pray for you, just comment below or send me a quick e-mail.



I woke up this morning around 5am thinking about all the sins I had committed over the past few days.

Times I acted without thinking

Spoke without using wisdom

Felt without control.

and each time I messed up.

Some sins were obvious to people, others were well hidden from view, each made me wonder why God would even put up with me.

Then this morning…

yes this morning,

God reminded me His Son is still on my side…

Even though my sin makes me dirty, and makes me guilty, Jesus is up in heaven, He has the ear of God the Father and He is saying…

Phillip is mine… I will speak for Him.

I died to cover those sins…

just place the guilt and shame on my shoulders and declare him innocent. He has excepted the gift of salvation so punishment is not in his future…

only resurrection.

And God the Father agreed…

He always does.

(1 John 2:1-2)

A few things to pray for this week

1. Monday – Will be working on Sermons and Sunday’s Worship Service. (this will continue during the week)

2. Tuesday – The Elders will meet with a team of people who will be leading Take 5. This is the first step in organizing those that have volunteered to help as well as other aspects of the outreach. (Take 5 is our church performing a Christmas Program at the school).

3. Tuesday – The Elders will meet with the Youth Leaders to talk about events for next year, Fuel (Wednesday Bible Study for the youth) and training for the new curriculum we are using.

4. Tuesday – Aqua “Are you Smarter than the Principal” – There will be a final meeting with the leadership from all the churches who are involved in this outreach event and a meeting at DCHS Tuesday evening for those who have volunteered.

5. Tuesday – will be finding time to study and prepare for Sunday’s message as well as for the Bible Study for Wednesday Evening.

6. Wednesday – 1st run through of the “Are you smarter than the Principle” game for Aqua.

7. Thursday – Final prep for the message for Sunday and final prep for the Aqua event.

8. Friday – Aqua “Are you Smarter than the Principal”? Pray that the program goes well and that people will come to Christ. The “show” begins right after the Homecoming Football game is over.

9. Pray for our speaker of Aqua – Billy Riddle, that his message will be clear and will impact the people’s hearts that come.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Name Changes


Seems that name change is the theme of the day…

For instance

Piedmont Baptist College is pursuing changing their name to Piedmont International University (PIU). Just a few years a go they changed their name from Piedmont Bible College to Piedmont Baptist College.

The Southern Baptist Convention is talking about changing their name. They of course have assigned a committee to research the possibility. There have been several Tweets today concerning that… some are funny.

Netflix recently changed the name of its DVD rental service to Quickster.

Comcast changed their name to Xfinity

Philip Morris changed their name to Altria

The WWF changed their name to The WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment

ValuJet changed their name to AirTran.

A long time ago – Food Town changed their name to Food Lion

Each one of these organizations have their reasons for changing. Regardless of their reasons… all want to be seen in a better light and the change is a part of some overall strategy to add years of life to their businesses.

What if we could do this with our personal names. What if by changing our personal name we would add some additional years to our lives.

Would you do it? If you would how often would you change your name?

Eat your heart out Twilight….

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

What would be your new identity?


I ate lunch with my son last Friday… it was quite the experience.

He was very happy I came… of course that may have been because of the chicken Mcnugget happy meal… what kid would not be excited about McDonalds?

During the course of “events” the kids began to arm wrestle each other. “The class champion” was creaming everyone. My son (who is not the class champion) challenged me to a match, putting his little arm on the table, elbow down… ready to go.

I accepted… he laughed.

Just to have a little fun, I did not win right away but keep my arm in the starting position while he pulled and grunted with all his might. Meanwhile, with my left hand I picked up my drink and took a sip, had a few conversations with the kids at the table and then turned my attention back to the match and ended it.

My son laughed at this point and made a few comments about my strength…

I guess I am “stronger than a 3rd grader”…

that is good news.

A few minutes later, the class champion challenged another kid to a match. While the other kid pulled and grunted, the class champion picked up his drink and took a sip, keeping his arm in the starting position. He then talked to a few of his friends, spoke to me a moment, and then turned his attention back to the match and ended it.

He mimicked me.

But this isn’t anything new… kids mimic what they see other people do.

They mimic older brothers and sisters, older kids, what they see on TV, what they see their parents doing and what they see other adults doing.

Jesus says: Adults need to watch how they are living, and live in such away they do not lead children into temptation. In fact He says if you lead one of these little ones astray you might as well go out to the middle of the ocean, tie yourself to a millstone and roll yourself over board. (Matthew 18:6)

In other words..

Jesus does not approve…

at all.

He gets upset about children being lead astray by careless adults.

So what are you modeling for the kids around you? For your own kids? Is it the way you want them to live? The way you want their marriage to be? The way you want their relationships to be? Is it the way you want their faith to be? The way you want them to view church and life?

You will not save them from the temptations that will naturally come their way.(Matthew 18:7) But you can prevent adding your temptations to their list by cutting them out of your own life (Matthew 18:8-9)

Last friday I had just met “the class champion” 5 minutes before lunch time…

and he copied me…

kids pick up fast.

We adults have been given a great responsibility…

lets not blow it.

Lets do it right.

Kids are worth it.

Take it to the Streets – 5

“Take it to the streets” as clumsy as the phrase is, serves as a mental reminder that we are to take the church to the community. This December, God has given us an opportunity to do just that.

Here is what’s happening.

1. Our Christmas program this year will not be performed at Farmington Baptist Church. Instead, we are going to take the Christmas program to the community.

2. We have rented North Davie Middle School’s auditorium the first weekend in December. On December 3rd and 4th we will be performing the Christmas program at the school.

3. We are selling tickets for each of the performances. 100% of the ticket price will go to the two schools we have partnered with… Pine-brook Elementary School and North Davie Middle School. (December 3rd’s show is dedicated to Pine-brook Elementary and December 4th is dedicated to North Davie Middle)

We are very excited about this opportunity. Here are a few things we can do starting today.

1. Pray – for the event, for wisdom in executing it, for the program to run smoothly and for God to prepare hearts to receive the message.

2. Volunteer to help. If you have Acting, singing, organizational skills or just want to help let us know by emailing us :

3. Be sure to look for addition post on this event in the days a head (“Take 5” will be in the title)

aAnd now to echo a phrase my friend Jay Hardwick uses…

“Lets Do This!”