Halloween on Mission

Ran Across this Blog Post by David Mathis and wanted to share it with you… What if a crisp October wind blew through “the way we’ve always done things” at Halloween? What if the Spirit stirred in us a new perspective on October 31? What if dads led their households in a fresh approach to […]

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There I was

There I was.. looking over at my Niece, in the kitchen as she ate her apple sauce. There I was watching my wife clean the counter with a damp rag. There I was… listening to my son and my nephew play with “Thomas” cho cho There I was… watching my daughter get tape for her […]

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I will be here

I have been a part of more weddings than I can even keep track of. Today, I am working on one for a couple in our church. It is one where not only am I the minister but will also be singing a duet with my wife. It is an old wedding favorite, “I will […]

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Issue Christians

Here is a post that was on Ed Stetzer’s Blog… its good. Thanks Ed for being this bold! From Ed Stetzer “Yesterday, I had an “encounter” in the line where I shake hands after the Grace Church worship service. A well-dressed man came up to me after church, shook my hand, and immediately started a […]

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This post originally appeared as “De-Friended”. Today it is reposted as a promise I made while preaching Sunday’s message called Adversary, you can download that Sermon Here I think sometimes forgiveness is hard. In fact it is easier to want it than give it. Forgiveness doesn’t mean a blank slate and its not forgetting. Things […]

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A Pastor’s Lament

The day is young The week is younger and even though you try and try again push and push talk, hoping to convince pray and pray some more somethings are still set in motion because the path was already being taken before they came to you. The best that can be done at this point […]

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