Those Liars!

Read an article this week that got me thinking about things in our lives that lie to us all the time. So… I feel it is my responsibility, as a friend, to shine a light on the things that lie to you everyday. 1. The text on your electronic devise that says 100% charged. Have […]

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This morning was a gray sort of morning. The sun was hidden behind the clouds. Rain had fallen sometime in the night leaving evidence a storm had been at work. As I drove on 421, surrounded by shades of gray ahead faint but visible colors arched over the morning sky it was a faint but […]

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Monday Morning

Samuel (prophet of God in the Old Testament, gift from God to His mother, wise, blessed, and chosen to lead the Children of Isreal spiritually) Had “Monday Mornings” Just like other pastors… or maybe worse. He told and told and warned and warned and told and warned, the people again and again, it was not […]

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Tickets on Sale!

Farmington Baptist Church is raising money for Pinebrook Elementary and North Davie Middle Schools by selling tickets to their Christmas play this year. Tickets are $5 each and all proceeds will go directly to these two schools. The play is a Christmas comedy and will be fun for the whole family! “We are excited to […]

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