Month: December 2011

The 31 Day Challenge Year 2

I debated and prayed and debated and prayed about doing the 31 day challenge again this year.

And I just can’t resist and here is why….

1. January 1st is on a Sunday

2. There is no better way to start off the new year than with a goal of reading a passage of scripture each day.

3. I love the idea that the chapter I am reading on a given day is the same chapter other believers are reading during their quite time and we are gaining the “same” wisdom at the “same” time…  Together.

4. Last year was great.  The emails, blog comments and personal conversations about how God was using the wisdom of Proverbs in people’s lives was nothing short of amazing.

So, here we go…

Starting January 1st 2011, I would like to challenge you to read a chapter of proverbs each day for the month of January.

We will call this challenge…

Yes, you have guessed it…

and have already read it…

“The 31 Day Challenge”

and just like last year, each day in January, on this blog, we will post a devotional on the chapter we read that day. The posting will be written by either me, some friends of mine, or from one of our Elders at FBC. You will also be able to comment on the blog about what stood out to you from your reading from that day. (We will also post links to last year’s “31 day” blog postings) This way we will go through Proverbs together.

We hope you will take this opportunity in the new year to not only begin connecting with scripture, but to connect with us and others in an ongoing discussion about God’s Word and what it means to each of us.

If you want to accept the challenge just comment below and let us know that is your desire, you can also subscribe to the blog via email or RSS, just click on the link on the right hand side of this page to do so. That way we can stay connected as we walk through the book of Proverbs.

So who’s in?


A 4Him Memory

Yep, the music Marathon has begun.

In case you do not know about the Brande’s annual Music Marathon: Each year right after after Christmas we begin to play every album (and every song that we own) all the way through, one time.

Yes, every Album…

Every Song…

No Repeats until we are finished.

My Wife “loves this”!

Each album has a story attached to it that brings back a memory from the past.

For instance: right now we are listening to “The Basics of Life”.

Its a classic…

I remember when I first heard of 4Him.  I was on a camping trip with my college roommate, his family(the Coupes), and his fiance when some of his friends stopped by (not sure why they were in the area) and they talked about “a great new group” that was just hitting the Christian Music Scene…

you guessed it… the group was 4Him.

I think this all happened in the spring of 1992 and the purpose of the camping trip had something to do with planning their wedding… I also think this is where I met Mr. and Mrs Lott for the first time (His Fiance’s parents)… not sure on these details… so don’t quote this paragraph until further notice.


As worthless as this information is, its still a cool memory for me.

As we close out 2011, what do you do to remember things that have happened in your life?

The Polar Express

We watched the Polar Express last night.

Its a family tradition.

My son still sits on the edge of his seat (the couch) as he watches the film and my Daughter watches it without moving.

There are some pretty “Christian sounding” lines in the film. One of the best ones is when The Conductor says:

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

That is a powerful truth.

Humanity has only had breif glimpses of the “unseen” world and very few have had those experiences.  But all of humanity knows something exists beyond us, outside of us.

We know, even though we can’t put a finger on how, that what we see is not all that there is.

The Christmas Story of Jesus, is a reminder that God came from the place we cannot see and entered into the space we can see.

The place we live.

“He moved into our neighborhood.”

and he entered with a specific purpose in mind…

to give “peace on earth and good will toward men”…

a peace that happens when we connect with Him and a kingdom we can’t see (as of yet).  The connection is through Salvation,  salvation from from the evil we encounter in this life, the evil that is around us and that lives in our hearts.

That is His Good Will toward men…

for He desires none should perish but all to have eternal life.

Its just up to us to accept it…

Its up to us to Believe

The Possum Chronicles Christmas Edition

December 22nd, 6:15pm

A host of possums positioned themselves on top of the barn, looking, gazing, hypothesizing about the road.

Look there’s another one! (Havsum)

And another… (Daresum)

What are those lights Grissum? (Jensum)

Don’t know, but they seem to be lining the road. (Grissum)

They are Possum Ghost! (Knowsum) Coming back from the dead because of an improper burial!

What are you talking about? (Havsum)

Well, just a few weeks ago when all our friends, relatives and loved ones died on the road, we let the humans clean them up instead of going out there and dragging them off the road and buryin them proper… They are upset and now they have come back to search us out, to find us and torment us…. THE END IS HERE! (Knowsum)

Oh please… (Havsum)

What if he’s right…. they could becoming for us… and they would know! (Jensum)

Know what? (Newsum)

That we are playing dead! They know our secret! (Jensum)

As time passed more and more lights were appearing on both sides of the road.

Grissum began to leave the roof…

Where are you going? (Daresum)

I am going to get a closer look. (Grissum)

Well I am going with you…. (Daresum)

You two are crazy! I’m staying right here! (Knowsum)

December 22nd, at 6:49pm

A “flock” of possums pass by Grissum and Daresum, running away from the road… screams, hisses, panic sounds emerge from the group…

Something about…. they’re back… the “spirits of the possums have come to haunt us”….

December 22nd, 7:03pm.

Grissum and Daresum make it to the road…. they see the lights and walk toward them.

December 22nd at 6:59pm

Jensum, Newsum and Dumsum make it to the road.

Carefully and slowly they creep toward the “lights”

December 22nd at 7:04 and 48 seconds….

A loud shout came comes from behind Jensum, Newsum and Dumsum…

“how did you three get here so quick?” (Daresum)

Startled each swings around, losing their bearings….

many lights are tipped over…….. which in reality… are bags with candles in them. As the bags are turned over — (from the commotion of the trio) – they catch on fire…

Jensum – who is still not in control – catches his tail on fire… the pain radiates through his body, he hops, dances and wiggles trying to put the fire out…

screams, and hissing

December 22nd at 6:09 PM

Jensum …..

Screaming and hissing loudly ……. hopping and dancing about on the roof.

Newsum grabs Jensum and shakes Him…

“Wake Up… Wake Up!!! Jensum WAKE UP!” (Newsum)

Jensum comes out of his sleep while saying….

“My Tail is on fire!!!!”

Newsum smacks him….

You don’t have a tale! (Newsum)

Memories flood the mind.

Jensum attacks….

Problem… They’re on a roof.

A metal roof…



Two thuds.

December 22nd, 6:15pm

A host of possums positioned themselves on top of the barn, looking, gazing, hypothesizing about the road….


According to a recent poll of Americans, 2011’s most irritating, and most powerful conversation stopping word of the year…

(that you’ve just read

and you’ve probably heard many times)



Teens have known this long before the survey, in fact they didn’t even need a survey to know…

this very important piece of information.

But what about the most offensive word this Christmas Season?

It doesn’t have 4 letters, its mainly used this time of year, congressmen can’t say it, people don’t want it hung in their towns, and you have already read it.



and if you really want to get some people stirred up, say

Merry Christmas

and to that I say…


The 12 Days of Christmas

There is only 6 more days to Christmas (actually at the time of posting this there is 5 days 9 hours and 45 minutes till Christmas )

Now I know you didn’t ask for that info… but you did ask for the information that was shared during the sermon yesterday (Wrapping up the Maids) concerning the symbolism in the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

So, here you go.

“On the first day of Christmas my true Love (God the Father) gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.” The partridge is Jesus. Christ here is symbolically presented as a partridge because it is the only English bird that would die to protect its young.

Jesus Christ, God’s Son came and took our punishment for our sins by dying on the cross. He gave His life to protect us from Hell.

Why… He loved us so much he couldn’t resist.

On the second day: the two turtledoves, i.e. the ‘twin birds” represent the Old and New Testaments in the Bible. It is these two turtledoves that give us God’s road map for redemption and how to live our lives.

On the third day of Christmas: the three french hens “birds” are the 3 gifts God gives us on a daily bases.

Faith, Hope and Love.

On the forth day we are given four calling “birds” which are the four Gospels in the Bible, the story of the life of Christ.

On the fifth day: the five golden rings represent the first five books of the Old Testament.

Now some say the “five golden rings refer to 5 ring necked birds and not jewelry… but the meaning is still the same.

Then there are six geese a-laying, representing the 6 days of creation.

On the seventh day: the seven swans a swimming – are a picture of the seven gifts of the spirit…

prophecy, ministry, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading, and compassion.

On the eighth day we are given eight maids a milking.

A woman who milked cows for a living had the lowest and worst Job in England. It is these seven maids that represent the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peace makers and those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness.

Then there are the 9 ladies dancing, which represent the fruit of the spirit…

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

When you allow God to control your life and live through you, these gifts will touch and impact those who are around you.

On the tenth day of Christmas my true Love (God the Father) gave to me, ten lords leaping.

I guess when the women are happy the men are happy

just kidding….

really the “10 Lords” are the 10 commandments.

The 11 pipers piping represent the eleven faithful Apostles. and the 12 drummers drumming are the 12 points of the apostle’s creed.

So, there you go…

Merry Christmas!