Month: January 2012

Day 31 – Proverbs 31

This is it…

and throughout the book of proverbs over and over and over again men have been instructed to stay away from women…

the wrong types of women.

You know…

The wrong “types”…

The adulterous, skimpy clothed, sensual, and poisonously attractive types.

And when we see one, even though the desire to explore enters into one’s heart, the writer tells us to run away from her as fast as we can. For she will eat you alive and take you for all you’re worth.

But a good one…

One that adds value to your life…

a woman like that is hard to find.

That is extremely unfortunate.

So what is the make up of a woman that adds value to her husband, her children and everyone she comes into contact with?

And if you are a lady…

How do you know if you are a woman of quality?

Here are a few questions from our text that will answer that question for you…

As a woman are you trust worthy? Are you committed to your husband regardless of how you feel about him?

As a woman are you focused on helping your husband? Do you refrain from rolling your eyes at him in public? Do you refrain from speaking bad of him in front of others? Do you come to his side in support of him?

As a woman are you on top of things? Do you have a schedule, are you providing leadership in the home? Leadership that aids the family unit. That helps you and your husband go in the direction the Lord has lead your family to go in?

As a woman do you use wisdom when you purchase things? Do you make decisions that cause financial strain on your family or decisions that help keep it in balance?

Do you make sure your family is dressed right when they leave your home? Or are you more concerned with how you look?

Have you set your husband up to be respected by others? Or have you set him up to look like a failure because you have openly disclosed all his weaknesses?

Do you adorn your speech with wisdom and kindness? Or does negativity flow freely from your lips?

Have you given your children and your husband reason to call you blessed? By the way you do things, by the way you look after them, support them, care for them and help them?

Do you fear the Lord? If so you are to be praised.

As a man… if you are married to someone like Proverbs 31 describes, count your blessings for she is more valuable than jewels. Stay faithful to her, love her and appreciate her. For you have a rare find!

As a woman… you need to be all this proverb describes. To ignore this passage and run from it is to take your family with you into the pit of despair and destruction.

That’s what jumped out at me from the passage today…

What did you see?


Day 30 – Proverbs 30

The opening of this chapter commands our attention. Not only do we have a different writer, but the opening set of statements are very stunning.

“I am weary, O God”

Who has not been able to say that?

No one, for we all go through this life with our own share of struggles.

“I am too stupid to be a man”

Wow, if you have never said that before you have at least felt as much. Sometimes we think we have life figured out and then the very next day we wonder “how in the world did we get into this mess?” “How did we not see this coming?”

And we feel stupid.

“I have not learned wisdom”

Now, we have been at this for 30 days… and this phrase is a bit disheartening. Did we not begin this journey to learn some wisdom and start our year living in its instruction? I feel like I have learned some points of wisdom. But here at the close we are told we have not learned wisdom? Is the writer right?

Yes, he is right, because when we compare our knowledge, and our wisdom to God’s we find we have a long way to go.

When we compare what we know to His vast Omniscience, its like we know nothing.

“Who has been to heaven and come down here to earth?”

Not me

“Who can gather the wind in their fist?”

Not me – I have heard a lot of people blowing wind from time to time but I’ve never been able to catch it or control it.

“Who has wrapped up the waters in a garment?”

Not me – the closest I have come to wrapping water in a garment is when I put clothes in the washer, but that’s not even close to what he is saying here. The last time I was at the beach, I kept having to move my chair because the tide kept coming in… I had no control over its boundaries, even the “sand moats” we built were no match for its power. But God, by His power keeps the water exactly where He wants it to be.

Who has established the ends of the earth?

Not me – that was done long before I was born.

“What is His name? What is His Son’s name?

I know..

His name is Jehovah and His Son’s name is Jesus.

and I am thankful to at least know that much!

So today, I am celebrating our Mighty, all Powerful, all Knowing, Sovereign, Awesome, Merciful and Gracious God.

That’s what struck me from the passage, what did you see?

Day 29 – Proverbs 29

The post today is written by one of my best friends Josh Hill. Currently he is on staff at Center Grove Baptist Church in Clemmons. He recently graduated with his Masters degree from South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“I take-2 steps forward, I take-2 steps back. We come together cuz opposites attract.
And you know-it ain’t fiction, just a natural fact. We come together cuz opposites attract.”
For many of you these words have taken you back to a time when cassette tapes ruled the musical market, mullets and parachute pants were accepted as “hip” fashion styles and the Joe Montana led San Francisco 49ers were a perennial powerhouse in the NFL.

Paula Abdul released her #1 hit Opposites Attract in 1989, giving a picture of love, which many couples have found to be very true.

On this the 29th day of the challenge, however, we find the writer of our selected Proverb coming to a conclusion that stands in direct objection to Paula’s claims.
In the last verse of Proverbs 29 we find these words…

“An unjust man is an abomination to the righteous, but one whose way is straight is an abomination to the wicked.”

The writer here gives a picture of disgust for evil from one who is righteous, and a disgust for righteousness from one who is evil. Therefore, this text establishes a tense and adverse relationship between the practice of righteousness and the practice of evil.

For followers of Christ this means that there will always be opposition when our lives reflect our Master. As we face this opposition we do so in the power of the Holy Spirit and with the wisdom gained from our relationship with Christ and the revelation of His Word to us. On day 29, we find characteristics of wisdom to be justice, knowing the rights of the poor, able to turn away wrath, right discipline, having vision, obedience to God’s Word and trusting in the Lord among others. And although these characteristics in Proverbs 29 are arguably laid out for a King to rule in a righteous manner, they still hold strong as characteristics that you and I are to possess as active Disciples of Christ.

So the question of the day… is your life lived out, one that is going to face opposition and disgust from evil and when it does are you ready to handle it with the wisdom that God alone gives?

What did you see from the passage today?

Day 28 – Proverbs 28

This post is written by a good friend of mine Chris Byrne who pastors at New Friendship Baptist Church in Winston Salem. I admire Chris for his dedication to Jesus. In college, while studying to be a “basketball coach”, God called him into the ministry and he had the courage to respond to that call and go for it. It is a privilege to call him my friend.

Have you ever observed a small child with an odd sense of perspective?

I can remember my sons at around two years old burying their head in their hands so they couldn’t see me and thinking that prevented me from seeing them. If you have children, then you know it was good that I always tried to keep them in sight.

One of our key verses in the text today reminds us how foolish we can be when trying to hide our sin.

v13 “He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy”.

As Christians, we still sometimes find ourselves engaged in sinful patterns or behaviors that are displeasing to the Lord. It is natural to want to present ourselves to the world in the best light possible. When we love our sin and we love our reputation, we will go to great lengths to cover our tracks. (See King David for an example).

According to the Word of God, we become so engaged in the “cover up” that we can not prosper physically because of the toll this anxiety places on our health and we can not prosper financially because our energies become diluted from our work and we can not prosper spiritually because this sin is interfering with our walk with the Lord.

The Holy Spirit here gives us a beautiful contrast to those who would try to hide their sin. As a Christian, God will not allow you to continue to nurse a sinful pattern in your life. His love for you and desire to see you prosper will cause Him to take the necessary steps to to lead you to confess your sin and forsake it.

He promises mercy to those who will seek His forgiveness. To David in Psalm 51 that meant joy, gladness, restoration and effective ministry. He said God could wash him “whiter than snow.” According to 1 John 1:9 confession leads to forgiveness and cleansing.

Trading that which corrupts, kills and destroys for the mercy of a loving heavenly Father seems like an easy choice to me.

What did you see front he text today?

Why I Will No Longer be Tech Savvy

Today I am 40.

There is no better answer to the statement that titles this post than the fact that I have turned 40.

Here are some things I have observed…

1. Most people over 40 do not understand computers. This is not because I am being hard on them, they actually say “I don’t understand computers” or ” I know nothing about Those machines” (CD players, on-star systems,GPS(es), blue-ray players, surround sound systems, watches, cell phones, etc.. all fall in to this “lack of understanding”)

2. Most people over 40 know how to work a television but not a computer? Why? Because TVs came out when they were under 40. This is also why they can operate a tape player, a radio and a record player. (Most can also ride a horse)

3. Something happens (and I’m not sure what) after 40. Children are believed to be able do things with new technology that people that are over 40 say they cannot do.

4. I hear phrases like… “I don’t understand Twitter (and they miss pronounce it) and Facebook (and usually they say it as a goofy variation of the word). I’m not sure what they mean when they say they do not understand when all you do is post and read other people’s post. It’s really not that complicated but I’m now 40 and somewhere today or tomorrow the light will come on for me concerning this and I will have understanding.

5. People over 40 are cranky. Just look at me… and this post. OH NO!

So, here is saying good bye to being on the cutting edge of Tech-evolution.

I am now 40 and stuck in my ways.

Day 27 – Proverbs 27

Do we plan or do we not plan? The beginning of chapter 27 seems to say that you should not plan, that you should only live for today and what today brings and not worry about tomorrow.

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” Proverbs 27:1

But that isn’t what this verse means.

In our reading of proverbs we have seen that the wise plan for the future, and foolish do not.

So, it is not about planning for tomorrow…

Instead, this verse warns of boasting about what you are going to do tomorrow, under your own power and your own strength. It warns us to be aware of the attitude of “Look at what I am going to do tomorrow”, that negates the sustaining role that God plays in all of our lives.

The writer wants us to keep at the forefront of our minds our inability to sustain, or advance our own life and existence.

We need God.

And boasting praises us, not the Creator.

So, plan for tomorrow, and as you make those plans do it with the attitude. “If the Lord wills, I plan to do this, if He doesn’t I will let go of my plans and follow His.” James 4:13-16

That will keep us from boasting, and will remind us of our dependancy on Him….

After all He is the only one who really knows what tomorrow may bring.

What did you see from the passage?