Day 31 – Proverbs 31

This is it… and throughout the book of proverbs over and over and over again men have been instructed to stay away from women… the wrong types of women. You know… The wrong “types”… The adulterous, skimpy clothed, sensual, and poisonously attractive types. And when we see one, even though the desire to explore enters […]

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Day 30 – Proverbs 30

The opening of this chapter commands our attention. Not only do we have a different writer, but the opening set of statements are very stunning. “I am weary, O God” Who has not been able to say that? No one, for we all go through this life with our own share of struggles. “I am […]

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Day 29 – Proverbs 29

The post today is written by one of my best friends Josh Hill. Currently he is on staff at Center Grove Baptist Church in Clemmons. He recently graduated with his Masters degree from South Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. “I take-2 steps forward, I take-2 steps back. We come together cuz opposites attract.
And you know-it ain’t […]

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Day 28 – Proverbs 28

This post is written by a good friend of mine Chris Byrne who pastors at New Friendship Baptist Church in Winston Salem. I admire Chris for his dedication to Jesus. In college, while studying to be a “basketball coach”, God called him into the ministry and he had the courage to respond to that call […]

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Day 27 – Proverbs 27

Do we plan or do we not plan? The beginning of chapter 27 seems to say that you should not plan, that you should only live for today and what today brings and not worry about tomorrow. “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” Proverbs 27:1 […]

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