Day 4 – Proverbs 4

You know what…

You can eat healthy, exercise daily, never smoke or drink and still die early.

You can search for your whole life and not find the fountain of youth (unless you are Jack Sparrow) and die early in a vain attempt to short change death.

You can avoid all the things in life that will give you cancer…

eggs one year…

soft drinks the next…

and still die early.


you can pursue wisdom and insight and find that you have more days than you figured you would have…

more days than running and right eating would give you (all though there is some wisdom in that)

all because you followed the instructions of God.

Its no wonder the writer wants us to make sure we do not forget…

what did you say?

I said its no wonder the writer wants us to make sure we do not forget the wisdom and insights the scripture gives us.

So lets be attentive in the coming days…

lets incline our ears to these proverbial sayings… (4:20)

lets keep them in our sight and write them on our hearts… (4:21)

“For they are life to those who find them and healing to all their flesh” (4:22)

What did you see from the passage today?


One comment

  1. Yesterday and today I kept seeing the word “wisdom”… What a loaded word…. As soon as you think you have a little wisdom, a few more years pass and you realize you really had no idea wha you thought you knew and on and on it goes….
    My biggest lesson with wisdom has been to shut my mouth and really think on things before inserting my opinion… While I may think it wise… Typically I would have done better to be quiet and reflect….
    So I continue to grow in wisdom by keeping my mouth shut…. I’m sure in a couple more years it will all change… again….

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