Day 5 – Proverbs 5 – (Rated PG)

The truths of this passage are potent but often ignored.

In fact, I would say that most do not really think the things mentioned in this passage are all that big of a deal.

The fact is… it is a big deal.


To err in the area of sex brings tragedy every time.

Every time.

Our society works over time to entice men to err in this area. From the way (some) women dress, to the way they carry themselves, to the internet, TV shows, movies and the front covers of magazines in grocery stores. All are designed to grab the guys attention and open the door of straying.

Just walk into Hanes Mall on the “wrong” floor and there are “wall sized” photos you just can’t miss…

Thanks Victoria! Your secret is now out!(sarcasm)

Society makes it hard for men to “keep discretion” ( 5:2a)…

and that is the reason the writer warns his son (and men in general) to guard themselves from the things that would pull them into acts of marital unfaithfulness. This is why the writer strongly encourages his son (and us men) to stick with the wife of our youth, and enjoy her alone.

Yep… her alone.

This passage is clear, to be intoxicated with anyone other than “the wife of your youth” is destructive (5:19-23)

So.. stay faithful, keep discretion and guard your lips.

What did you see from this passage today?



  1. My husband says the very best defense for this is NEVER putting yourself in the position to step out on your spouse… This takes work!! Especially if you like attention. But he is right!! You gotta almost turn and run!! I think this includes your mind!!!! I think it really starts there! You can have any fantasy you want…. About your spouse!! Ya never know, they might just be game…..

    It is a slippery slope that always ends up with loss and someone saying “it just happened”…. No it didn’t. It began in your mind long before there was any physical act to follow. I think it always starts in the quiet and most dangerous place…. Between our ears…..

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