It is slung… in their direction because they deserve it. After all they have “wronged you” and you want everyone to know you are the one that is innocent so you pick it up.. it’s wet because you’re in the middle of a storm… and you sling it mud takes to the air, like a […]

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I am not a big “this must be the translation you use” sort of guy. Sometimes I wonder if I should be but that thought quickly passes me by. My view on translations of the Bible is simple… They are all translations They are all God’s word From the NIV, to the NLT, to the […]

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We all want to be wanted. There is nothing like it in the world For people to want you… to be around to be apart of their life We all want to be wanted We all want to belong and to fit in We all want to be accepted But often in life we are […]

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Wanted AFV People

I like to watch AFV on TV. Not because of the host… he is a bit corny. But because of the things that people decide to do, mess up while doing them, then they take the video of the experience… and broadcast it to the world. Failure after failure. It’s a group of people that […]

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Urgent Today is all you have Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not come but today this moment right now is what you have Today is your chance to take steps to mend that broken relationship to repent and come back to God to spend time with your spouse to take time with your children to […]

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