Month: February 2012


It is slung…

in their direction

because they deserve it.

After all they have “wronged you” and you want everyone to know you are the one that is innocent

so you pick it up..

it’s wet because you’re in the middle of a storm…

and you sling it

mud takes to the air, like a F4 Phantom lifting off a run way,

soaring toward the target of your choosing

Over and over again you sling it, and sling it and sling it…

picking it up time and time again from right where you are…

never considering where you are getting it from

never considering this is not helping you keep your footing

you have a feeling of gaining ground with each throw

with each hit

but in reality

you are losing ground

your ground

the source of your ammo

The Bible says…

He who digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit he has made. (Psalm 7:15, NIV)


If you have mud in your hand right now…

or next time you are temped to pick up some to throw…

just keep this post in mind

and remember

“He who slings mud loses ground”



I am not a big “this must be the translation you use” sort of guy. Sometimes I wonder if I should be but that thought quickly passes me by. My view on translations of the Bible is simple…

They are all translations

They are all God’s word

From the NIV, to the NLT, to the NASB, to the KJV there are no doctrines in any of these translations that is left out or hindered.

Bible’s that are paraphrases of the scriptures are ones that should be handled with care for they are more like commentaries and I do not consider them to be translations. Most paraphrases are written as an explanation of the english Bible they are written from. I would say that even these paraphrases have their place in helping us grow spiritually and are great when used as a resource for Bible study. (The Message is a paraphrase)

So why this post about the ESV?

Well (like I said on Sunday) several people in our congregation have asked which Bible translation I use on Sundays. The answer is (as you have guessed by now) the ESV.

Here are some reasons why I use this translation to preach from.

1. I like to preach from a literal translation of the scriptures.

2. It is very understandable and easy to read. I like being able to read fluidly and not stumble over my words while reading. The ESV is a smooth read and to me it sounds good when read out loud.

3. It is a happy medium. Because our church does not and will not adopt(because I do not think we should) an “official” translation, our audience brings what ever translation they prefer to the service. It is easy for someone (even with a King James Bible) to follow along as the ESV is being read.

4. It is NOT because I think “unbelievers” will like it better and understand it better. The Bible is for discipleship and instruction in righteousness You can’t understand the Scriptures without the Holy Spirit in your life (either in you or drawing you to Christ). Its nuts to pick a Bible Version based on what people who do not believe in Jesus may or may not think of it. (BTW – I am very evangelistic and so it our church)

5. I like the fact it keeps words such as virgin, propitiation, and other theological terms that not only are important but are the correct renderings of the Greek and Hebrew words they represent.

6. To me it represents the original languages (Greek and Hebrew) very well

So there are some basic reasons… none are meant to win any type of debate but just to inform you concerning why I do what I do.

So this coming Sunday we will take orders for them like we did last Sunday. (Imitation Leather Black or Burgundy $12) If you order one you order one… if not no big deal. Just wanted to make them available for those who want to follow along in the same translation I am reading from.

So there you go…

If you have any questions… just comment below.


We all want to be wanted.

There is nothing like it in the world

For people to want you…

to be around

to be apart of their life

We all want to be wanted

We all want to belong and to fit in

We all want to be accepted

But often in life we are not

at least we do not feel that way

Sometimes we feel “alone in a crowded room”

Here’s the deal

it’s the way I get through situations where I feel unwanted

its a reminder really

from scripture

its the heart of the gospel

its the fact

that Jesus wants me

so much He died for me so He could accept me into His family.

Now this does not take away the hurt of rejection

but it sure does soften it

and places me on a road to recovery.

Wanted AFV People

I like to watch AFV on TV.

Not because of the host… he is a bit corny.

But because of the things that people decide to do, mess up while doing them, then they take the video of the experience…

and broadcast it to the world.

Failure after failure.

It’s a group of people that based on their “performance” you would never hire…

you would never give them a job.

But should you?

I would consider it

and here is why…

1. AFV people are not afraid to try things, like snow boarding off a roof.

2. AFV people are not afraid to laugh about their mistakes.

3. AFV people are not afraid to admit they made a mistake, infact they will take credit for it on the ” world stage”

4. AFV people find the good in the accident that just happened.

5 AFV people know how to get the most out of life.

6 AFV people learn from their mistakes (after all you never see a part 2 of them doing the same thing).

I think I would rather hire people that take ownership of their mistakes than to hire “perfect people” who never admit they have made one (that everyone around them knows they have made).


Mistakes are how we learn.

Failures are really just gigantic steps forward.

When someone spends all their time covering up what they have done, they waist time they could have been taking to learn from their mistake and moving toward the freedom that comes with admitting they made one.

So, it’s time for us to all adopt the AFV “unspoken” motto

Let’s Say it out loud ” I made and Mistake… I’m sorry for it… now lets laugh and learn.”

It’s such a better way to live…

Elton John Our New Crossing Guard

Yep… visually it seems to be true. Elton John, who’s previous career must have hit rock bottom is now our crossing guard…

Here is a picture of Elton John from the web…

and here is a picture I took today of our crossing guard…

of course he could have just been in town… and volunteered… you know a community service thing.

(BTW – Please don’t read too much into this )




is all you have

Yesterday is gone,

tomorrow may not come

but today

this moment

right now

is what you have

Today is your chance to

take steps to mend that broken relationship

to repent and come back to God

to spend time with your spouse

to take time with your children

to call those that you love.

Today is the day

for yesterday is gone and you might not have tomorrow

Today is your chance…

to apologize

to do the thing that you know you should do, that has been impressed upon you to do…

…many times.

Today is your opportunity…

to turn your marriage around

to pray

to seek God and move according to His will.

to take that step you have been wanting to take, that you have been putting off, that you have resisted

Today is a gift

and if tomorrow doesn’t come

and you put off the things you know you should be doing

the gift of today will be wasted.

Urgent… urgent… URGENT!

Today is all you have…

yesterday is gone, tomorrow might not be…

so move through today…

with urgency.