Month: April 2012

Here is the blog post I wrote about forgiveness from yesterday’s sermon.

This post originally appeared as “De-Friended”. Today it is reposted as a promise I made while preaching Sunday’s message called Adversary, you can download that Sermon Here

I think sometimes forgiveness is hard.

In fact it is easier to want it than give it.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean a blank slate and its not forgetting. Things that happen are there, they are done… part of the past. God doesn’t forget those things and neither do we.

Forgiveness is not forgetting, but it is about not holding something against someone.

In fact it is easier to hold a grudge than it is to forgive.

Forgiveness is not avoiding conversations about what has happened and it’s results. Forgiveness opens the door to handle the wrong that has occurred. It allows us to deal with things without hurting each other… again. It allows conviction to take hold and opens the door for heart…

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Do you Mean it?


Lead me not into temptation.

What if we really meant that “line” when we prayed the Lord’s prayer?

Better yet, what if we prayed just “that line” while we were being tempted?

Lord, she has ticked me off. I want to get even. The rage wants to be released. So I am asking you to lead me away from that temptation.

Lord I really want to look at that, I am being honest with you right now. Please lead me another way…. show me what You want me to see.

Lord I really want to drink some more of that. I am not going to lie to you, it makes me feel good, it helps me escape for a while… but others can’t escape from me. So, I am asking you to lead me out of this temptation.

Lord, I want to hear more about what “she” has done. It is such good and shocking information. I feel myself falling into the temptation of listening to more than I should. Lead me away from that. Help me listen to Your voice instead.

What would happen if we stopped and prayed this way and meant it?


We would not fall into temptation,

and we would be delivered.

What are you being tempted with right now?

Tell God about it and follow Him away from it.

You will be gald you did.

10 Reasons it’s haRd to be cReative in a chuRch enviRonment

Here are 10 reasons why creativity is hard to find in a church environment.

3 – Creativity is often met with – “we can’t do that” or “we have never done it that way.”

1. The pastoral staff is way to busy with everything else and never gets a chance to take time to be creative.

4 – Churches tend to imitate other churches. Imitation makes us too lazy to do the work of creating.

2 – Churches generally do to much. When a church is very busy it doesn’t have time to be creative… it only has time to get the next task done.

5 – Too many good option’s and opinion’s of what ministries to do. There always seems to be a push to adopt the latest trend, meet the latest need or do something the way it was done at another church (a member used to attend).

9 – People are convinced they are not creative. But this isn’t true. All of mankind is creative because we are made in the image of the Creator. We just choose not to be creative.

7 – We are trained that the “arts” is where creativity is. If you are not in the “arts” you are not creative. This isn’t true.

6 – The wrong type of Criticism – tends to shut down creative ideas.

10 – Fear – of being seen as “hooky”, uncool, or immature.

8 – Fear of failing, of taking a risk, of “whatever it is” not being successful.

10 – We often do not take the time to be creative. Being creative takes preparation. Planing ahead enables us to have the time to come up with creative ideas surrounding what we are doing or the lesson we are going to teach. But planning ahead takes discipline and work.

So there you go…

What are some of yours?

Random Monday

1. Yes, its usually random Thursdays but it’s random Monday for today, why? Well, because…

2. State of the world… depressing, State of USA… getting depressing, Kingdom of Jesus… Can’t be better.

3. I’ve got to reread 1 Thessalonians tonight. Why? Because I realized today when I was almost done reading through it I was just reading the words without comprehension. Why? Because I was thinking about some other things. So I was reading in “auto mode”… have you ever done that?

4. Preaching a funeral on Wednesday, I would appreciate your prayers for that.

5. Its 8:46pm and I have been tired all day.

6. When things come apart they are not together.

7. Heard someone talking today about a 17 year old Chinese teenager that sold his kidney to buy himself an iPad… that’s a bit whacked out. He sold it for $3600.

8. OK contacts have to come out now.

9. A constitution is a moral document that governs laws that can or can’t be made. In most constitutions in the US there is this phrase… “created equal” I think its interesting that people are asking about what “equal” really means but not asking who or what we were created by, and what implications that might have on the way we act or how that helps define “equal”… or morality for that matter.

10. It’s amazing what comes to your mind after taking your contacts out. My eyes feel so good right now… it almost feels like I’m having a “religious” experience.

11. OK, I need to get back to some sermon prep. I know it’s late, but it has to be done.

12. I love it when an article or a post “buries a lead”. They are fun to search for.

13. For the record, I love everyone…

14. Last week we had a “What You Say” post, I almost wrote one today titled, “The Way You Act” because that too speaks volumes concerning who you are following… and I’m not talking about on Twitter!

15. Of course Twitter does show who you are following… literally.

16. Facebook shows whose approval you are seeking.

17. Did I mention I need to get back to my sermon prep?

18. Maybe I should leave the randomness to Thursdays only…

19. If Michael Bay did a “Barney” Movie what would that be like?

20. OK it’s late Got to stop…

21. “I love you, you love me I’m going to blow up your ……” could be a theme song for #19

22. “ASTEROID!!!!” Barney yells to all his purple dinosaur friends…

23. And we find out an influx of helium enters earth’s atmosphere…. a result of the asteroid disaster… and that is the reason for his weird voice. Poor Barney!


What we say…

On Thursday I finished reading through gospels (I’m reading through the Bible in 90 days) here is something that is worth noting from the life of Peter…

Peter has followed Jesus, from Gethsemane to Caiaphas’ court room. As he stands there with a group of people, (people from various walks in life) he is approached for a third time and here is what they say…

You really are one of them! Look… the way you talk makes it obvious! (Matthew 26:73)

The way you talk.

So what does Peter do? He changes the words he has been using and speaks words that no follower of Christ would use. “Then he began to curse and swear… I do not know the man.”( Matthew 26:74)


Because the way you talk shows who you are following.

What does your speech show?


Have you ever been around someone who was a visionary?

Someone who buzzes with ideas, possibilities and can clearly see the way the future should be.

And they not only clearly see it, they inspire, and motivate people to go in that direction.

There is always since of excitement when they talk about the possibilities of the future they are painting with their words.

It’s exciting just to be around them.

This can’t be taught.

They didn’t go through 8 steps to get the vision(s), Visionary thinking is part their makeup…

If you have ever been around one it is quite the experience.

They are truly gifted.

Now, we try to teach vision, to people who do not have the visionary gift.

This is ok, because leaders that are not gifted in the visionary department need to figure out a way to come to a vision for the institution they work for. After all vision charts direction, and without out it the organization goes backward or keeps going in circles.

My suggestion for those who struggle in coming up with a vision, is to figure out a process by which you can come up with one and also find some strong visionary leaders you trust and admire and see if you can hang around them.

and Oh…

Don’t be hard on yourself…

Remember even if you do not have the visionary gift, you do have a gift that a visionary wishes he had.

In fact currently he is probably trying to learn how to do what you do so naturally.

So be encouraged.