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This post originally appeared as “De-Friended”. Today it is reposted as a promise I made while preaching Sunday’s message called Adversary, you can download that Sermon Here I think sometimes forgiveness is hard. In fact it is easier to want it than give it. Forgiveness doesn’t mean a blank slate…

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Do you Mean it?

Lead me not into temptation. What if we really meant that “line” when we prayed the Lord’s prayer? Better yet, what if we prayed just “that line” while we were being tempted? Lord, she has ticked me off. I want to get even. The rage wants to be released. So I am asking you to […]

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Random Monday

1. Yes, its usually random Thursdays but it’s random Monday for today, why? Well, because… 2. State of the world… depressing, State of USA… getting depressing, Kingdom of Jesus… Can’t be better. 3. I’ve got to reread 1 Thessalonians tonight. Why? Because I realized today when I was almost done reading through it I was […]

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What we say…

On Thursday I finished reading through gospels (I’m reading through the Bible in 90 days) here is something that is worth noting from the life of Peter… Peter has followed Jesus, from Gethsemane to Caiaphas’ court room. As he stands there with a group of people, (people from various walks in life) he is approached […]

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Have you ever been around someone who was a visionary? Someone who buzzes with ideas, possibilities and can clearly see the way the future should be. And they not only clearly see it, they inspire, and motivate people to go in that direction. There is always since of excitement when they talk about the possibilities […]

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