Month: June 2012

It’s Coming…


It’s coming…

make no mistake

the signs are everywhere

the push back on Christianity is stronger now than it ever has been

Some of it is our fault, we do not always address issues with wisdom and we tend to address them in ways that do not connect with the culture around us and often Christian’s do not live out their belief systems which damages the integrity of our faith.

Some of it comes from the fact that the way we live challenges the world’s system of living.

Some of it is because the world does not understand why certain things are so important to us, and we may not even understand the importance of what we believe nor the positive impact those beliefs have on the quality of human life when lived out.

What is very apparent is, we are being challenged on every level. The world is on the offensive and the target is us.

So what do we do?

1. Think… don’t say stupid things. Think in such away that you have personally figured out why God wants us to live a certain way. Think and meditate on the whys of His instructions to us.

2. Quit holding on to quick cheep answers… instead do #1

3. Quit acting stupid… (instead do #1) it hurts the cause of Christ when we do not act right. The news media is looking for the wacko stories where someone is yelling or acting ridiculous to make their case against us . Think before you do something, before you write something, before you say something… see #1 above

4. It is time for us to reinvent discipleship, not only should we teach doctrine, the historical facts of the Bible and the way it says to live our lives. We must do it in such away where it answers the issues that have been shoved into our faces. It must be done in such away that we learn how to do #1 above, a habit that would help us and our responses to be a strong substantial witnesses for Christ rather than something to be laughed at. It doesn’t bother me when people laugh at us because of an intelligent stand that they see as stupid… it bothers me when I see them laughing at something that we have said that truly is… sadly…. laughable

5. Pray and do #1 above.

We have lost a lot of ground… and it’s time to make a comeback.

Let’s do this!

See #1 above


Own It

In life when a mistake is made, don’t cover it up, deny it, or make like it is nothing.

Own It.

If you are a leader and make a mistake

Own It and learn from it… for that is better for your organization

If you are a parent and make a mistake…

Own It and learn from it… for that is better for your family.

If you make a mistake as a spouse…

Own It… for that is better for your marriage

You get the picture

We are real good at making other people own their mistakes, pushing them and making them feel bad about messing up.  But how are we when it comes to our mistakes?

Do you believe you make mistakes?

When is the last time you made one?

If you think you rarely make one… well that’s a mistake and its time to open your eyes and own up to it.

To cover a mistake up, deny that one was made, or come up with reasons why someone else “made you do it” just wraps it up in a nice package that looks good on the outside while the mistake still exists on the inside and will be there until you find the courage to deal with it head on by unwrapping it.

Maybe for you today… its time to unwrap somethings by saying – I made a mistake here and am sorry for it.  Then take appropriate steps to correct it.

For that is the only way you can fix it and move on.

Is God Sufficient?

Is God Sufficient?


Are you sure?


Is He able to supply your needs?


Is He able to grow you spiritually?


Is He able to supply your needs where you are?

“Umm, yes but I might need to make some changes in order for that to happen”

What kind of changes?

“Well, I might need to change jobs.”

What do you do for a living?

“I’m a pastor”

Did God call you to that church?

“Yes, but things aren’t going the way I want them to go and I am struggling with people stepping up to the plate to do the ministries God is leading us toward.”

Are you trying to head in that direction?


Doing everything you can to get there?

“Yes, but I am just spinning my wheels and I’m not even sure if my kids are getting what they need spiritually at the church.”

Did God call you there?


Is God sufficient?

“Yes but I think He wants us to make decisions based on the facts of the situation we are in and if our needs are not being met or the needs of our family, then He would want us to move on to a better place… a greener pasture.”

So you are saying that God is not sufficient everywhere only in some places, while in other places His sufficiency wains.

“Well, when the people are just not doing what they should He can’t work.”

So God is sufficient only with people who are willing to be used, and He is not sufficient in circumstances that are other wise. Thus His sufficiency is limited by people.

“No… it’s just when people are so negative, it dampers things”

So God is sufficient only at Disney World…

“Disney World?”

Yea the happiest place on earth… He must be really at work there… His Sufficiency abounds through mouse ears. Is that what you are saying? Figuratively of course!


It seems you are currently in a negative state of mind, would you say this is true?

“Well… I’m just being real.  I’m a realist”

Then name one thing you have said about your church that is positive.

“Ummm… I don’t guess I have”

Could it be that God is always sufficient but people miss what He is doing in their lives because negative thoughts always makes one look down on things rather than up?

“I think that would be right.”

Then let me ask again… Has God called you to your church?


Is He sufficient to take care of your needs both spiritually and physically?


Will He take care of your family?



“Because He is sufficient.”

Yes He is.

It’s not All About U!

Today I was in Chic-Fil-A and the guy that was helping me was talking to me about my Diet Dr. Pepper. The girl working the register right beside him said…

What did you ask me?

And he replied…

“I was just talking to him (pointing to me)”

“OK” she replied

Then he added…

“By The way… its not all about you.”

“I know” She said with a flip of her pony tail and a smile… an vain attempt to cover up her embarrassment.

I think this is a great reminder for all of us.

Just think…

How many relational problems would we avoid if we would just remember it’s not all about us?

How many bad decisions would we avoid making if we would just remember it’s not all about us?

How many tough, disheartening, circumstances would we avoid if we would just remember it’s not all about us?

How many problems would we actually come up with a solution for if we would just remember it’s not all about us?

The answer?

Most… if not all.

It is so easy to fall into the “it’s all about me” mentality and the thing is when it happens…

we generally do not even know we are there…

and once we figure it out its too late for we have already caused damage that we never intended to cause.

It’s never all about you…

unless of course you’re Jesus

And when we make it all about Jesus our “all about us” falls by the wayside and life and healing and joy and peace and good and resurrection not only becomes a part of our existence today…

it is also what we will leave in the wake of our movements.

Note To Self


You know… I had it this morning…

A great idea for a post

And what I should have done but didn’t do was write down the idea and maybe a few statements that was on my mind at the moment it came to me.

But I didn’t.

So here is my note to self…

Dear self,

We have been together for a long time now but here’s the deal…

The next time you have a great idea, stop what you are doing and make a note of it before you forget it.

Why? Because the older you get the less frequent these ideas are coming to you… And the older you get the more likely it will be for you to forget those great things.

So do your “self” a favor…

Old man

make a note of it.


Your future forgetful self…

You know the one that’s trying to remember.