It’s Coming…

It’s coming… make no mistake the signs are everywhere the push back on Christianity is stronger now than it ever has been Some of it is our fault, we do not always address issues with wisdom and we tend to address them in ways that do not connect with the culture around us and often […]

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Own It

In life when a mistake is made, don’t cover it up, deny it, or make like it is nothing. Own It. If you are a leader and make a mistake Own It and learn from it… for that is better for your organization If you are a parent and make a mistake… Own It and […]

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Is God Sufficient?

Is God Sufficient? “Yes” Are you sure? “Yes” Is He able to supply your needs? “Yes” Is He able to grow you spiritually? “Yes” Is He able to supply your needs where you are? “Umm, yes but I might need to make some changes in order for that to happen” What kind of changes? “Well, […]

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It’s not All About U!

Today I was in Chic-Fil-A and the guy that was helping me was talking to me about my Diet Dr. Pepper. The girl working the register right beside him said… What did you ask me? And he replied… “I was just talking to him (pointing to me)” “OK” she replied Then he added… “By The […]

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Note To Self

You know… I had it this morning… A great idea for a post And what I should have done but didn’t do was write down the idea and maybe a few statements that was on my mind at the moment it came to me. But I didn’t. So here is my note to self… Dear […]

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