I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry Lord… Really And I know you have heard those words from my mouth before Time and time again for the same sin in fact… I’m Sorry, that I’m sorry I did not want to be in this position again, sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me You have been so good to […]

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Two Powerful Words

Thank you. When is the last time someone said thank you, to you? Was it your spouse, children, sister, brother, mother, father… Mother In Law… (May be a long shot for you) When is the last time someone said thank you, to you? Was it at Walmart? Food Lion, Sam’s, Belk, McDonalds… Lowes Food (you […]

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Not Gonna Try Any More

Its seems in life the more you try the more you fail. I think the reason people try so hard in life is deep in their soul they are trying to prove something… to the people around them… to themselves or both. The fact of the matter is… If you are a Christian you don’t […]

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Its been a while since the last post here on the blog. I enjoy writing but sometimes life happens and you just can’t do everything you desire to do in a given day… It seems the clock continues to tick on During the days of no postings we have been working on Summer Spectacular at […]

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Accumulation A great debt word. Debt accumulates sometimes at a high rate of speed. Have you ever looked at your credit card statement at the end of a cycle and said… “Wow I didn’t know we spent that much!” or maybe you said… “Someone has stolen our credit card number!” or “My wife shops to […]

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