Month: July 2012

I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry Lord…


And I know you have heard those words from my mouth before

Time and time again for the same sin

in fact…

I’m Sorry, that I’m sorry

I did not want to be in this position again, sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me

You have been so good to me and my family and have extended grace more than I want to admit…

more times than I can calculate


I’m sorry, that I’m sorry, that I’m sorry

It seems that the first chance I get I go back to the unholy things in life, my guard goes down and I wind up doing them…

without thinking…

without considering the price

addicted to the emotion of it all

the rush

the power

the pleasure

the “confidence”

justifying myself in the moments before and during

feeling reckless after it is all said and done…

carrying shame, regret, and guilt over the pain I’ve caused

to you and to others…

I’m sorry, that I’m sorry, that I’m sorry, that I’m sorry.

I know you forgive, but the consequences for what I have done still exist in the hearts of others, in the destruction that I’ve brought into existence and in my own mind

I’m sorry, that I’m sorry, that I’m sorry, that I’m sorry, that I’m sorry.

What I’m asking for at this moment is more than just forgiveness…

it is for you to move and do what ever it takes to help me get this out of my life…

for though I’m thankful that you forgive

I want this out of my life and I can’t do it alone

I don’t want to be sorry anymore.


Two Powerful Words

Thank you.

When is the last time someone said thank you, to you?

Was it your spouse, children, sister, brother, mother, father…

Mother In Law… (May be a long shot for you)

When is the last time someone said thank you, to you?

Was it at Walmart? Food Lion, Sam’s, Belk, McDonalds…

Lowes Food (you know the orange stickers they put on un-bagged items you purchase…)

When was the last time?

Here’s the better question… (and I’m sure you “saw” this comming…)

When was the last time you said Thank You?


take a moment to think about it.

When was the last time you said thank you…

to your spouse, children, sister, brother, mother, father…

Mother in law (ouch! it may hurt to say it…)

for even something small they have done for you?

Those two words, “Thank You” are powerful words. They show appreciation, they change your thinking, they change environments, they create positive vibes in relationships, they show that its not all about you, they show that people do not owe you… they do not have to do what they have done and you recognize that and appreciate them for it.

Thank You…

When was the last time you used those words?

Regardless… it is time to say them again.

Who in your world needs to hear these words today?

Who should hear them?

Not Gonna Try Any More

Its seems in life the more you try the more you fail.

I think the reason people try so hard in life is deep in their soul they are trying to prove something…

to the people around them…

to themselves

or both.

The fact of the matter is…

If you are a Christian you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone for we already have the best position ever…

Child of God

and there is no greater title, or position anyone can have that is better than that.

In fact you can try and try and try to get the next position at work, make it to the next step on the ladder and will never gain any position that out ranks that one.

So I’m not gonna try anymore…

I’m just going to DO to the best of my ability…

with no other purpose other than

service to my King.

I’m not Gonna Try Anymore –

I’m just going to do


Its been a while since the last post here on the blog. I enjoy writing but sometimes life happens and you just can’t do everything you desire to do in a given day…

It seems the clock continues to tick on

During the days of no postings we have been working on Summer Spectacular at our church – an outreach event for children – so far it has gone very well and we look forward to 2 more nights of excitement, fun and learning about Jesus.

Well that said, I’m going to turn now to working on this Sunday’s Sermon called

5 Hands

Take care



A great debt word.

Debt accumulates sometimes at a high rate of speed.

Have you ever looked at your credit card statement at the end of a cycle and said…

“Wow I didn’t know we spent that much!”

or maybe you said…

“Someone has stolen our credit card number!”


“My wife shops to much!” (Or husband)?

Because the debt had accumulated beyond what you thought you had spent?

I feel that way today, but its not because of credit cards (we do not have those)

I feel that way because of sin…

My sin

It seems I’m still in debt to God for sinning against Him.

In fact this debt continues to accumulate each day I live, there seems to be no way around it, each day I live the debt continues to grow and grow.

The amount of sin debt that I have accumulated in my Post Salvation State of life is more than I could ever pay for, there is no amount of penitence that would cover it and I will never be able to do enough to call it even with God.  On top of that if you add the sins I committed before I received Jesus as my savior, hopeless would be to weak a word to describe the impossibility of it all…

it is truly a debt I could never pay.

It is during these moments… moments where I feel like a complete and utter failure, that scripture enters into my mind…

“There is now No Condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

“No Condemnation..”

for as the old song goes “He payed a debt I could not pay”

and he paid it in full…


present and future.

So Jesus was ready for the fact that after salvation I would continue (even though I do not want or desire to) to accumulate sin debt…

He paid in advance for all debt I would accumulate today and tomorrow

I am thankful for that…