So far so Good

Last night was a great night to be @FBC.  Our Awana program was kicked off and our reboot of Fuel (youth ministry) was well attended.  We will see how God directs in the days ahead. Next up is our small group ministry which will restart on September 16th with a fellowship meal at the church. […]

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Heart Attack

Yep… this day started with the dropping off of my son at school… Its his first day of being a 4th grader. Where does the time go? After that I jumped into our van to drive it to the shop where it would be worked on. It seems it has the desire to kill birds […]

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Random Thursday

1. I ate to much at lunch 2. Owl City has a great rendition of In Christ Alone – Listening to it now (now = as I am wringing this line of this post) 3. Eating too much makes one really tired. 4. Is that Superman? 5. Promotion Sunday is this Sunday @farmingtonbaptist… of course […]

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Nothing Special about this post, just one to say… Whew! Life is running over me like a freight train jumping the tracks. The unexpected has happened so often in the past few days it is now expected. It is hard to bring things into control when “out of your control” sort of things happen in […]

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Not Going to School!

A few weeks ago we were blessed with some new fish. So far, in our many year stint of fish napping we have had African Cichlids and South American Cichlids. With many “aquarium cycles” and the death of all but one this time… we went for a different type of fish… Tropical. These are by […]

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