Month: August 2012

So far so Good

Last night was a great night to be @FBC.  Our Awana program was kicked off and our reboot of Fuel (youth ministry) was well attended.  We will see how God directs in the days ahead.

Next up is our small group ministry which will restart on September 16th with a fellowship meal at the church.  In our newsletter (that will be available on Sunday at the church) there will be an opportunity for you to sign up if you are interested in being a part of a small group.

The newsletter will also include a list of ministry opportunities you can sign up for to serve the Lord here at FBC.

So far So Good…

and here is my request, tonight before you go to sleep, say prayer for the church that we will stay faithful in following Jesus and not get sidetracked from that.



Wednesday Night Activities @FBC


Tomorrow Night (Wednesday the 29th of August) is our first night of Awana, Fuel and our Wednesday Night Bible Study @FBC. Here is how the night will unfold.

Awana – start time – 6:45pm (end time 8pm) for ages 2 years old to 5th grade. This first night is a fun night for the kids with games and hotdogs and is a chance for parents to register their child and find out a little bit about what we do.

Fuel – start time – 6:45pm (and this year will go till 8:15pm) for Middle and High School students. We are doing things a bit differently this year. We want to invest in our youth, so the night is geared for discipleship and fun. Our Goal is to make sure every teen that comes knows that we care about them and so does Jesus.

Wednesday Night Bible Study – start time 7pm – this first night is dedicated to prayer and will be lead by David Washburn. Main prayer areas will be Awana and Fuel. The end time will occur when the prayer time has ended.

I am looking forward to all this starting back up and hope to see you there!

Heart Attack


Yep… this day started with the dropping off of my son at school…

Its his first day of being a 4th grader.

Where does the time go?

After that I jumped into our van to drive it to the shop where it would be worked on. It seems it has the desire to kill birds by giving them anti-freeze to drink…

of course that has to stop! Right Mr Lorax?

Anyway, on the way to the “garage” I stopped by a friends house to help him move a sofa and a recliner he had gotten from a mutual friend of ours. The couch was a bit dirty and the recliner was ripped in several places, but nothing “you couldn’t” fix.

We then filled my van up with water and I left to go to the “garage” where they would be fixing my vehicle.

Once I arrived I did what anyone does when they take a car some where to be fixed…

I parked it, got out of it and began to walk across the parking lot…

it is at this point (mid way between the van and the door) that I happened to look down only to see two things swinging back and forth from my knee cap. (I was wearing Jeans)

And what was using me as a swing set?

2 Spiders

It is at this moment I began to dance and move in ways never before seen by mankind.

I swatted and swatted and swatted until I knocked those vile creatures off of me…

Creatures no doubt that had once lived in that sofa I had moved just 30 minutes earlier….

Creatures that rode with me from my friends house all the way to the “garage” (Shiver)

Creatures that proved to anyone that happened to be looking in my direction…

That white Men can Dance

even without music…

Random Thursday

1. I ate to much at lunch

2. Owl City has a great rendition of In Christ Alone – Listening to it now (now = as I am wringing this line of this post)

3. Eating too much makes one really tired.

4. Is that Superman?

5. Promotion Sunday is this Sunday @farmingtonbaptist… of course some of you are too old to promote.

6. School begins Monday – we have open house tonight.

7. My family is at the pool while I am at work.

8. I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for for President… it’s just not anyone that holds that office right now.

9. Van broken down again… coolant leak at the air intake manifold.

10. New stuff is happening at FUEL – our Wednesday evening Teen “meeting”, one new thing is the time, they will start at 6:45pm and end at 8:15pm.

11. Love is Here – 10th Ave North – would 10th Ave South have the opposite message?

12. Stomach feels a bit less full

13. We are back in 1 John starting this Sunday @farmingtonbc – gotta wrap that up today

14. The hope is we finish touching up the trim on the house this weekend…. but that all depends…


Nothing Special about this post, just one to say…


Life is running over me like a freight train jumping the tracks.

The unexpected has happened so often in the past few days it is now expected.

It is hard to bring things into control when “out of your control” sort of things happen in abundance.


Good news,

this too will pass…

and God is in control.

Whew!!!! … good to know.

Not Going to School!


A few weeks ago we were blessed with some new fish.

So far, in our many year stint of fish napping we have had African Cichlids and South American Cichlids. With many “aquarium cycles” and the death of all but one this time…

we went for a different type of fish…


These are by far the cheapest fish we have ever owned. As we were selecting our fish we choose 3 types of “schooling fish” because the guy at “PetSmart” said that we must have 3 or more schooling fish in order for them to school properly.

My wife bought 4 schooling fish

My Daughter picked out 3 schooling fish

My son choose 4 schooling fish

and I picked 2 fish that were not in the schooling category but were tropical in nature.

So we took them home… placed them in the tank… and so far…

None of them…


I said NONE of them



It seems our fish are independent swimmers

and very uneducated.