Testimony Thursday

A few years back I found myself working more than spending time with my family.  It’s not that I didn’t love them or didn’t care,  because I did.  I was just working in an environment where I was never really sure where I fitted in and an environment where there was a lot to do. […]

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Take the Hit

As a leader sometimes you have to “take the hit” for the well being of the group you are leading. There is a tension in leadership between being liked and making hard choices that have the potential of upsetting people.  Choices of… 1. Direction – even though you talk and talk there are some who […]

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The Biggest Threat to Church Ministry

The biggest threat to church ministry is not… the government liberals other cults and religions or atheist. The biggest threat to Church ministry is… us… The Church Members. Quarrels, fights,  and relationship tensions, are the main things that prevent a church from achieving the plan God has for it.  Satan loves it when God’s people […]

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Reach Out?

The question for the church is… Can we reach out? or maybe the question is… Are we reaching out? Or maybe the question is… Do we think we are reaching out but we are really only reaching in… to ourselves? Is it bad to reach in and minister to each other in the church? No, […]

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What We Can Learn from the X-Factor

I do not know how you feel about the X-Factor, I know for us there are “questionable moments” during the show where we turn to another channel until the “questionable moment”  is over.  But other than that… the show is fun and entertaining. It is also something we can learn from… especially the church. Here […]

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