31 Day Challenge

I debated and debated whether or not to do the Proverbs 31 day challenge again for the month of January. The challenge is simple…. You are challenged to read a chapter of Proverbs every day for the month of January and I blog on our reading for that particular day. You either join the challenge […]

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Rhythms of Christmas – 2

Luke 2:1-7 Rhythms We hear the familiar sounds of the season no matter where we go.  Songs of Joy, of Peace and of Hope.  All designed to change our inward rhythm to be more festive in nature. But the journey that lead up to the birth of Christ was anything but festive. Joseph and Mary […]

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Rhythms of Christmas – 1

Luke 1:25-56 Rhythm various in its existence temporal in its placement creator of experience mover of feelings Rhythm It was probably an ordinary day for Mary. She was a faithful happy lady, engaged to be married to a faithful and happy man… life was good.  As she went about her normal daily tasks a visitor […]

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“Monday Mornings”

Samuel (prophet of God in the Old Testament, gift from God to His mother, wise, blessed, and chosen to lead the Children of Isreal spiritually) Had “Monday Mornings” Just like other pastors… or maybe worse. He told and told and warned and warned and told and warned, the people again and again, it was not […]

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Jesus Loves Me

I am glad Jesus loves me I am glad Jesus loves us I am glad that Jesus loves… though I do not understand completely… His love I am glad Jesus loves… though I do not understand the overwhelming feeling of pain that seems to come with this life nor how pain can still exist in […]

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