This is the most viewed post I’ve ever written… It originally was a post called De-FriendedI – Last time it was posted I titled it forgiveness… Today we keep the later title. Why post again? I felt like it was needed for some reason… so here you go…   I think sometimes forgiveness is hard. […]

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Easter Events 2013

Community Week of Prayer March 24th – March 31st This week has been set apart as a time to pray specifically for our community. Let’s ask God to put lives back together, restore marriages, liberate people from addictions, strengthen relationships, and draw people into a personal relationship with Him. Let’s pray that God will use […]

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People are Friends Not Food

The fish that swallowed Jonah was not part of God’s punishment. It was the thing God used as a tool for Jonah’s rescue. “God appointed a fish” 1:17 The prayer of Jonah (chapter 2) backs this up. It is not a prayer for help, though it testifies… that before God sent the fish, Jonah prayed […]

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My Last Day

What if this was my last day to live? My last sun set My last supper My last tucking the kids into bed What if this was my last day to live? Would it make the day more valuable? Would life become more precious? Would I live this day differently… different in a moral way […]

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