Month: April 2013

Staff Position


I’ve been praying about what to do concerning staffing at our church (Farmington Baptist). We are at the point where we need additional help and to me that means  another pastor with administrative gifts.

There are a few hold backs concerning this position. One is finances, another is the scary nature of getting the wrong person

everyone tries to get the right person

but sometimes the right person turns out to be the wrong one

and just like everyone else we do not want that.

The final hold back is God.

and thats the most important one.

Even though we have considered an option that would work, (i.e. hire an intern for the summer) and the church leaders are extremely supportive, I am still not sure…

and I’m not sure because of the silence of God on the matter.

Samuel had the same sort of experience even though His answer came a bit sooner than ours has and without the financial considerations. (1 Samuel 16) Plus – we are not replacing a leader we are looking to add to our pastoral leadership and we are waiting for God to tell us when…

which I think ties in with our finances

and who

Which was Samuel’s struggle…

and like Samuel we have to wait for God to tell us the who

For He does not judge on the outward appearance but judges the heart and we need someone with a heart for Him.  He’s the only one that can tell us that.

So we pray…

and pray

and look for God to move and speak

and He will.





Yes it is Monday, the day we all try to get on top of things so the rest of the week will be productive.

It’s just tough sometimes to accomplish that when you are tired.

As I sit at my kitchen table and I look out into my backyard and watch my son jump on the trampoline with his cousin it reminds me that at one point in my life I had that much energy. It seems that on any given day two 10 year old boys have enough energy to supply the energy needs of a small city…

or country…

all within the first 30 minutes of doing whatever it is they decide to do.

I once thought that older and wiser people are that way because they have made themselves slow down.  Now I realize that their bodies slowed them down and they fell into wisdom as a result of that process.

BTW they are still jumping…

and I am still tired.

But… as worn-out as I am feeling I have stayed ahead of the game today for significant progress has been made….

and I am looking forward to sleep tonight…

praying that my internal recharger still works.

For A Limited Time


Babylon will rise

it will be mighty

it will be rich

it will be the #1 place to live on this earth.

People from everywhere will sell their goods in its city limits

People from everywhere will visit to have a good time and what “happens in Babylon will stay in Babylon”

Evil will reside there but will be masked by its prosperity. The riches and splendor will cover up the devastating effects of the life styles it promotes.

For a time here on Earth it will seem like Evil is not only winning but is also being blessed.  Those that follow Jesus will be seen as crazies and threats.

But Babylon will not last

In fact one day in its future everything will change.   Its citizens will wake up one morning and start their day as normal.  Going about their business, doing the things they normally do.  Merchants will begin the journey into the town to make their days wages… selling their goods. And then without warning (except for what is written in the ancient text they have rejected) judgement will come.

And before 60 minutes makes it to 61, Babylon will we destroyed…

and people will weep

for in that moment whether they realize it or not

their rejection of God and their investment in supporting evil ways will bear the fruit of destruction that they were all headed toward…

but refused to know it.

This is how it is with our lives today.

If you refuse to follow God and choose an evil life style over the good ways God would have you to live.

And if you think you are fine because everything is going great… the lesson from Revelation 18 and other text of scripture in the Bible say…

it’s only for a limited time

and today is the day to change the way you are living and follow God before your limited time…

is spent.

A Solution to Drama


So, here lately we have been stocking our fish tank… a process that takes more money than you first realize. You can’t just buy a fish… there’s more to it than that.

So far we have 8 African Ciclids.  But they are not the same fish we started out with a week ago for our first batch died because of a PH issue. The 8 we now have are in harmony with each other and seem to be doing well, even though the PH levels in the tank are still some what of a mystery.

This past Saturday we purchased a beautiful Orange African Ciclid. (I know it has a real name but it was orange)  We placed him into the tank just like we did the other fish and at the moment He hit 55 gallons of freedom the dynamic of our fish tank totally changed.  Fish were zipping back and forth, swimming around each other, following their reflections, and nipping at each other. The increased activity in the tank was exhausting to watch…

so much so I counted it as exercise.

At first I thought that the fish would settle in after a while.  But they didn’t. The tank became more and more aggressive as time passed. Then one of the fish… my favorite… was injured in all the commotion.  So with an injured fish in the tank I made the decision to remove the Orange fish to see if the tank would calm down and sure enough with in seconds of His exit the tank calmed down and went back to a more relaxed state.

So what had caused all this turmoil?

Well,  I had upset the balance of the tank’s male to female ratio. The Orange fish was a male. At the point he entered the water it upset the balance and a fight began to see who would rule the tank and get all the girls.

Needless to say we have returned the Orange Terror and replaced him with a girl. And besides the PH mystery things are going well for our fish today.

(Now – Do not take what I’m about to say and apply it to your marriage)

Sometimes our lives are in turmoil because one person keeps stirring up drama and hardships.  You do not have to be around that.  God does not desire for you to submit yourself to people who constantly impact your life with their issues. If you have a friend or a family member who every time they enter a room drama pursues you need to distance yourself from them.  It’s not that you do not love them or treat them with love or that you’re not concerned.  But life is hard enough on its own without having to deal with drama = stuff that people over exaggerate or make more than it should be or make up in their own mind.  Some people are not happy unless your focus is on them or unless they can stir you up and make you upset.   These people are fools and the Bible is clear you do not have to hang around them.

So be free of them… as much as you can be.

It’s OK.

Proverbs  14:7-9, 13:20, 18:6, 18:2, 29:11, 18:7

Leadership = Discipline


The thing that holds you back as a leader is the area in your personal life where you lack discipline.

It has taken me a while to figure this one out.

It’s not your weaknesses…. they will be your weaknesses even if you get better at them over time…. and even if you get better at them, (through discipline and focus) they will still be your weaknesses. They will never operate at the level of your giftedness. They don’t have too because Leadership is bringing people around you that have strengths in areas where you are week.  That makes a good team. Your weaknesses only hold you back when you are not willing to recognize them and do something about them.

The thing that holds you back from being all you can be as a leader are the areas in your life where you lack discipline.

Where do you lack discipline?

Do you have self control over…

Your actions

Your mouth when you are irritated

Your time – you do not allow yourself to be easily distracted or allow people to consume your time.  You make sure you are on time to commitments you have made. You do not over commit yourself (saying you will do more things than you have time to do)

What you eat, how much you eat…

The health of your body, exercise and the right amount of sleep.

Do you read? Spend time thinking, pursue learning. Are you open to new ideas and changes in your field or do you reject anything that comes along that is a change?

Are you lazy?

Are there areas where you should be more proactive but you’re just not going to be?

Is their unchecked sin in your life?  Where you are not resisting it but you just allow it to happen.

I need to work on having a daily exercise regiment. Even if it is just walking in my neighborhood.  The lack of exercise has held me back from achieving some of my goals….

as strange as that may sound.


are you a leader?

Is there anything in your life you’re not disciplined with?

If so…

it’s limiting your leadership potential and it’s time to do something about it.

Amazing Grace


In the deepest parts of our heart lives things that we are not proud of.

Dark thoughts

evil thoughts

Thoughts that if they were ever made known to our friends and family they would send them running

But God knows these thoughts, our tendencies toward sin and the darkness that resides deep within…

the darkness that we hide from all others.

And He loves us any way

That is Amazing Grace.