Staff Position

I’ve been praying about what to do concerning staffing at our church (Farmington Baptist). We are at the point where we need additional help and to me that means  another pastor with administrative gifts. There are a few hold backs concerning this position. One is finances, another is the scary nature of getting the wrong […]

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Yes it is Monday, the day we all try to get on top of things so the rest of the week will be productive. It’s just tough sometimes to accomplish that when you are tired. As I sit at my kitchen table and I look out into my backyard and watch my son jump on […]

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For A Limited Time

Babylon will rise it will be mighty it will be rich it will be the #1 place to live on this earth. People from everywhere will sell their goods in its city limits People from everywhere will visit to have a good time and what “happens in Babylon will stay in Babylon” Evil will reside […]

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A Solution to Drama

So, here lately we have been stocking our fish tank… a process that takes more money than you first realize. You can’t just buy a fish… there’s more to it than that. So far we have 8 African Ciclids.  But they are not the same fish we started out with a week ago for our […]

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Leadership = Discipline

The thing that holds you back as a leader is the area in your personal life where you lack discipline. It has taken me a while to figure this one out. It’s not your weaknesses…. they will be your weaknesses even if you get better at them over time…. and even if you get better […]

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Amazing Grace

In the deepest parts of our heart lives things that we are not proud of. Dark thoughts evil thoughts Thoughts that if they were ever made known to our friends and family they would send them running But God knows these thoughts, our tendencies toward sin and the darkness that resides deep within… the darkness […]

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