Month: May 2013

I have blown it!


I have blown it more times than I would like to admit. In fact I would rather not talk about the ways that I have blown it when in comes to representing Jesus with my life. The ways I have blown it would say I am not worthy to serve Him. They would indicate Jesus is not a part of my life.

Yes, I have denied Him more times than I want to admit.

Peter may have denied Jesus with words but I have denied Him with my actions and It’s painful to know I have let Him down.

John 21 however, shows us that Jesus is about restoration and restoration is not as much about what I have done, it is whether or not I really love Jesus.

If I really love Jesus I will get back to serving Him after I have blown it…. I will not wallow in self pity.

If I really Love Jesus, it will not be woe as me all the time… woe as me just means I’m in love with myself. To love Jesus means I will hate the fact I let Jesus down, then repent of what I have done wrong and receive forgiveness from Him.

Its at this point Jesus does something that blows my mind… He restores me back into fellowship with Him, and places me back into the position of service I was in before.

Yes… Jesus lets us have do overs.

I am thankful for that restoration, I am thankful for a God who forgives me when I’ve blown it and wants me back doing what He has called me to do.

I no longer need to admit I have blown it… I just need to love Jesus more than these…


It can always get better


It can always get better…


no matter what you do or who you work for one thing is true…

It can always get better.

It’s not that what you have just accomplished is bad

it just could be better

its not that what you have just accomplished is worse than what you did before, in fact it was probably better than anything you have done before

it just could be better next time.

its not that your church, your business, you team is horrible

they could all be great and in the throws of success

but they can always be better

and its our job to make whatever we are a part of better than it was yesterday

because everything can always be….


Go Green

Are you tired? Exhausted to the point where you mope around the house and rarely focus on the discussions those you love are having around you? or you get irritated at the drop of a hat and are so wiped out you have trouble holding your bad emotions back? Are you finding it hard to rest because there is so much to do and the only time you reflect on anything is when something goes wrong?

Then…. you’re in trouble and its past time to…

Go green….

We all need a moment to ourselves each day. Life becomes busy, and we may feel like we do not have time to rest and reflect. But research shows that people who take a moment to rest and reflect during their day are more productive than those who just press on through without stopping. Other research shows that people that live in a city that are close to a park area.. a green space… are more productive than those who do not. Finding a green space, a place you can rest and reflect for a moment, makes a huge difference in your stress level and increases how much you are able to accomplish in a given day.

Go green…

Find a spot where work can’t get to you., where the phone is off and you stop and take a moment to rest.

Go green…

Find a spot you can go and shut things down for a while.

Find a spot where you can reflect and talk to God about what is happening in your life.

If you live in a city, you green space may be the local park, if you live in the country your green space maybe right outside your door, no matter where it is be sure to go somewhere for rest and reflection.

Find some time to go green everyday….

For a leader the practice of rest and reflection is important. Travis Masson says that “Reflection is the fuel of a leader. If you are tired you are probably not reflecting.”

Go green… rest and reflect.

Jesus took time to rest and reflect… daily… He found green spaces where he could rest, reflect and pray.

You need a green space… I am not talking about a sabbath (even though a day of rest is needed to) I am talking about a place you go daily to recharge, reflect and rest…

Do you have a place like that?

If not….

Its time to found one…

Its time for you make a habit of…

Going Green.

Leader or Expert?


If you are a leader, you are a builder. You are moving to accomplish something, to take a group of people in a certain direction, to build a strong church or business.

If you are an expert, you collect and distribute information. Information that comes from past experiences, or from info you have read or heard. You take that information and inform people concerning it. In fact you inform leaders as well as the masses. It is because of you that a leader is able to make an informed decision. Experts rarely make decisions. They know a lot but are not decision makers, and are seldom action oriented.

Now I am not writing this to shed a bad light on “experts”. It is more of a reminder for me.

Leaders make decisions. Experts collect those decisions as information.

Leaders are involved. They are working to accomplish the goals they have set for the organization. They are leading people toward an accomplishment. Experts observe these actions and draw conclusions based on the information they have collected about “what has happened”. Then they file it for a future talk.

Leaders are not concerned with being an expert. They know how to leverage the experts when needed.

Leaders are not concerned with becoming a celebrity, they are concerned with training other leaders.

Leaders are great builders, experts are great collectors.

As a leader it is not necessary for me to be the smartest person in the room. I must listen to the people in the room and make the best decision for the organization.

As a leader I must find ways to motivate people to get involved and engaged. There is a shortage today of people that are willing to “do.” This is a leadership problem. Often a leader falls into the “expert trap” and pursues the collecting of ideas rather than the movement of people to greatness. When a leader becomes an expert he produces inactive followers and quits building. This is a great reminder.

Here’s two questions… Are you building or soaking? Which one has God called you to do?

Leaders build….

Experts collect and talk.

There is a world of difference between the two.

We have Arrived?

random shots 059


My abilities, My accomplishments, My Wisdom trump all others.


Comes from a word that means “to boil” and was used to describe a person who was arrogant and insubordinate. (Proverbs 11:2)


My abilities, My accomplishments, My triumphs rather than God’s.

It is a push for personal acclaim. A belief that “I should be noticed because I am great and have the answers everyone needs.


“I’m the coolest thing in the room”

When someone finds themselves living this way they never receive the honor they think they deserve and the dishonor they do receive goes unseen for they are blinded by their…



for those that show up with a desire to learn, grow and contribute.

The ones that live their lives with an awareness that God is at work and they are just serving Him by playing their part in His plan.

Those that know when and who to submit too and when and how to stand for what is right.

Those that go about their day not even thinking that they are God’s gift to the world because they have a personal relationship with that amazing Gift.

For those who realize their place before God…

You know the


They are the ones that live with honor unlooked for and wisdom they are shocked they have. (Proverbs 11:2)

Jesus into Your Heart?


I may be missing something and that is fine with me.  But I’m just wondering why the phrase “ask Jesus into your heart” is so wrong.  For even if you phrase your acceptance of the gospel differently, Jesus still indwells you at that point of that conversion.

This debate creates a tension among those who preach an those who would accept the gospel message…

“Did I do it right?”

“Did I say the right thing?”

“Oh know I asked Jesus to come into my heart when I prayed the prayer… maybe I’m not saved now….”

“I’ve lead people wrong for many years… Oh No!”

We do not need this.

The fact is once someone has realized they are a sinner and in need of a savior. (regardless of how they might term the last sentence). I say just let them pray to receive, accept, began a relationship with Christ in whatever way they want to word it.

If a pastor leads a group of people in a prayer to receive Christ, just let Him word that prayer as he sees fit in accordance with the scriptures, and let those who want to repeat it.

And if part of that prayer is asking Jesus to live in their heart…

so be it.

I am pretty sure God doesn’t mind.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3