Why is it always the Bible people want to prove wrong?

This is very interesting to me.

If there is a post on Facebook about the scripture and a possible “inaccuracy” there is no end to the consent slams that come as a result of a post like that. And the slams do not even make sense and really show that the people making those statements really know nothing about the scriptures as a whole… even though they feel like they do.

I just want to meet…

I just need to meet…

Someone who has real questions for once concerning the scriptures. Someone who is really looking for answers that’s not in it to win (for what ever reason they want to win) but that is in it to really understand what is being said.

I will admit to you there are some difficult passages of scripture. I have questions of my own….

But I will also say that they all have an explanation you just have to dig for it.

When I read the Bible I read it to find out what it says…

I do not study it to prove its validity…

Nor to try to prove it’s invalid.

When I find something that seems to be odd, I dig until I find how it fits in with the rest of the book.   And I’ve always found an answer that fits in with the Bible’s message as a whole…

And what is that message?

We live in a sinful world… and the sin condition of the world predates us

People do not act right and must be judged because of that

Jesus loves us…

and judged our sins on the cross He died on…

He rose from the grave to give us life that is beyond this world…

to give us a chance of a resurrection from the sin and destructiveness of this world.

And one day that story will play out its final chapter…

and those who are on the Lord’s side (Exodus 32) will be spared because they have been atoned for.

and those who decided to reject God and His words will face God’s wrath.

I’m on the Lord’s side…

I hope you are too…

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