It’s Getting Darker

I do not want things to get darker in my life time nor in my children’s life time nor in my grandchildren’s life time. But the fact is at some point in history they will. Evil eventually will be allowed to have its day and it seems like the world is moving in that direction […]

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Everything points to God… Everything. The sun rise, the sun set, the clouds, the beauty of mountain and sea. All point to His greatness. Everything points to God… Everything. Hurt, pain, sickness, tragedy and even death point to man’s rebellion against God, a rebellion that went against God’s will, love, compassion, companionship. And points to […]

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The Wisdom of Siri

Siri has become one of my favorite things about my phone. Not only can I ask her to give me directions to a place, I can also get her to text for me and make my appointments. Today when I was making an appointment for this evening at 6:15pm, she not only told me I […]

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Why I can never own a truck

I love trucks… really I do. If anything says that you are a man… Or a manly woman It’s a truck. There is something to a truck pulling up into a parking lot that says “I’m here, rough and ready to work” Except of course the little trucks that are want-a-be cars… You know the […]

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Happy New Year

Ok… so it is June 12th and its not January 1st I get that. But Happy New Year anyway. Why? Because my kids just got out of school yesterday and things have changed.  We are no longer in 4th and 7th grade. We are rising. It’s a new year heading toward a new grade and […]

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New Printer – WOW

It has been a while since my wife and I have had to buy a printer.  But about 3 weeks ago ours stopped working and we were forced to look for a new one.  Through much research we settled on the “HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One printer.copier” why? Well we had a few requirements. […]

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