Month: June 2013

It’s Getting Darker


I do not want things to get darker in my life time nor in my children’s life time nor in my grandchildren’s life time.

But the fact is at some point in history they will.

Evil eventually will be allowed to have its day and it seems like the world is moving in that direction quickly.

My prayer is that God would give us more time and send a revival to our country.  But even in a revival there are always things that remain in hiding until the revival time is over.

Evil always bides its time until it can strike again.

I just didn’t want to experience its beginning in my life time…

or to have my children or their children experience it.

So my prayer today is that God would intervene and stem the tide…

but if He chooses not to at least we know Evil’s day will only have a short time to “live”

for just like the acceptance of some sins are inevitable so is the coming of the Lord Jesus afterward

So, come quickly Lord, for though that will speed up the beginning reign of evil’s day, it will also shorten the time evil has to cause damage, damage You will put an end too upon Your return.

And that ladies and gentlemen is what my hope is in.



Everything points to God…


The sun rise,

the sun set,

the clouds,

the beauty of mountain and sea.

All point to His greatness.

Everything points to God…


Hurt, pain, sickness, tragedy and even death point to man’s rebellion against God, a rebellion that went against God’s





And points to God’s greatness,

for even in our rebellion He loved us and did not destroy us.

He gave us another chance.

Everything Points to God,


The birds,

the bees,

the continuance of creation through the natural birth of things,

including the regeneration of plants,

all point to God

We can talk and talk and talk about evolution all we want but at the end of the day it doesn’t change the fact that we were created. We may not admit to it, but we know it. Because even our insides point to God.

There is a fate that is ahead for all of us… a fate that takes the foolish and the wise, the rich and the poor, the smart and the gifted.


Even death points to God.

We know inside there is a permanence to our existence, we always think we are younger than we really are. Our bodies are aging moving toward the day of death, but inside we all have a feeling of timelessness…

that is permanence.

It says we are eternal beings, that there is something more than just this existence under the sun.

This is a witness to the one that created us…


So we can find salvation…


So life could be lived to its fullest

Holy Spirit.

All indicators, pointers if you will… that there is a God and He is interested in…


Yes, even you.


Everything points to God…


even you.

The Wisdom of Siri


Siri has become one of my favorite things about my phone. Not only can I ask her to give me directions to a place, I can also get her to text for me and make my appointments.

Today when I was making an appointment for this evening at 6:15pm, she not only told me I was over lapping appointments but asked me a series of qualifying questions concerning the appointments.

Then once we were finished I said to her…

“Siri you are the greatest”

Then she said…

“I aspire not to greatness, but to usefulness.”

What a great lesson in humility…

from a phone of all things.

It made me think…

What am I REALLY aspiring to be in this life?

Is it to be the greatest pastor EVER?

The greatest father EVER?

The greatest person EVER?

Or am I aspiring to be useful….

to all those around me?

For that is the true attitude of humbleness.

Why I can never own a truck

I love trucks…

really I do.

If anything says that you are a man…

Or a manly woman

It’s a truck.

There is something to a truck pulling up into a parking lot that says “I’m here, rough and ready to work”

Except of course the little trucks that are want-a-be cars…


You know the ones I’m talking about.

But as much as I love trucks I can never own one


It’s not because of my wife

It’s not because I haven’t looked at one and thought about it

It really comes down to I don’t meet any of the qualifications that are requiered to own one.

What are those requirements?

Well let me list them for you.

Requirement 1 – you must drive 10 to 15 miles slower than the speed limit on a country road, or back road.

Requirement number 2 – if you do not do requirement one ( see above) you must vary in speed by 20miles per hour every “five minutes”. This means you will go from 55 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour the first five minutes then for the second five minutes you will go from 35 miles per hour back to 55 miles per hour and then repeat.

Requirement number 3 – you must spit your tobacco out the window from time to time… Don’t worry about the windshield of the car behind you… The fact it splatters that car window should not bother you. If it does you need to sell your truck and get a mini van

Requirement number 4 – you must always stop in the middle of the road in order to talk to your neighbor coming the other direction… For that is safer than using your phone

Requirement number 5 – the max speed you should go while talking on your “flip” phone is 30 miles per hour regardless of the speed limit.

I do not meet any of these requirements… So instead of getting my man card revoked by not operating by these rules I will just stick with my red car and make sure I am aways stocked up on windshield washer fluid…

And keep lovin those trucks…

But never owning one

Happy New Year


Ok… so it is June 12th and its not January 1st I get that.

But Happy New Year anyway.


Because my kids just got out of school yesterday and things have changed.  We are no longer in 4th and 7th grade.

We are rising.

It’s a new year heading toward a new grade and more developmental changes that at some level will need guidance.

This signifies a new stage in our life.

When your kids get older it is a sweet and sad sort of deal.  It is great to see them grow and understand a bit more of what they will be in the future but it is a reminder that time is shorter than you thought it was for soon they will no longer be with us.

That’s why in this “unofficial” New Year we will set out to make it count for time is very valuable when it comes to raising your kids.

So here’s to another year of investing where it really matters.

Happy New Year

(Yes this post is short… Yes I’m about to cry… Yes it may not flow like tears do…. and Yes I can compare that right now)

New Printer – WOW


It has been a while since my wife and I have had to buy a printer.  But about 3 weeks ago ours stopped working and we were forced to look for a new one.  Through much research we settled on the “HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One printer.copier” why?

Well we had a few requirements.

1. It had to be ePrint enabled so we could print directly from our iPad

2. It had to print more than 100 copies on one print cartridge.  Our last one struggled to make it to that number and we were looking to cut cost on ink cartridges.

3. Price had to be what we could afford… of course that goes without saying.

So we looked and looked and looked (because my wife likes to shop… and look) and found a printer that met all those requirements and to boot we found it for half price on with free shipping!  Yesterday it arrived and I was shocked with what we had actually purchased.

1. It can print a minimum of 1000 copies on one standard black ink cartridge (something we knew before we ordered it)

2. You can print from anywhere to it.  It has it’s own email address and you can send it (the printer) an email and it will print that email once it receives it.

3. It has a touch pad… yes a touch pad with apps.

4. It automatically prints front and back without you asking it to

5. Did I mention it has a touch pad with apps?  There are several things you can do with these.  For example it has an app for The New York Times, and you can schedule it to print the New York Times everyday, right there on your printer… and its free…. except of course the ink you would use… the wear and tear on your printer… and the paper it would use to print it.

There is a daily paper airplane app that you can use to schedule it to print daily a full color paper airplane pattern for your kids to make each day… and it’s free… except of course the ink you would use… the wear and tear on your printer… and the paper it would use to print it.

And there are plenty more apps you can use both for adults and children.

Amazing… it’s almost as powerful as a Kindle Fire…

yes… almost 🙂

How does it do it?

Well, it’s always connected to the web…


and the government monitors conversations you have in your home with it

ok maybe not

but I do expect it to transform into a robot at any moment that cleans our house then transforms back into the printer just in time to print the news paper for us the next morning.

I’m sure there’s an app for that

I just have to find it.