Clouding Conviction

Have you ever seen a response or a post (like on face book) where someone begins a rant about what has been said? Me too Why do they do that? The same reason you feel like it at times when you read something and you would like to rant a bit but don’t… You don’t […]

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A Cyrus Soap Box Moment

We have a concept in our society that children are to be kept innocent and away from the “dirtier” things in life. Children need role models that live the right way, and do the right things.  Society looks for children to have the ability to look up to someone that inspires them to do the […]

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Thoughts On A Monday

We stumble We walk We’re Prideful Then Humble Wasteful Successful Out of God’s will then in caring then selfish hateful then loving We are We are Convicted Excited Guilty Forgiven Wanting to be different but Changed by the redemption of God Wanting to be different in the mistakes we have made but Changed because those […]

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It Wasn’t Just Yesterday

Kids get older It seems that just yesterday we were in Christ Hospital holding our daughter for the first time. It seems that just an hour ago we were in Saint Luke Hospital holding our son for the very first time. But it wasn’t Nor the first steps we watched them take, the first words […]

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