Random Wednesday

Random 1 – I sit here watching a spider create a web outside my window. Random 2 – Rained most of the day today so we are listening too Rain Music right now. Random 3 – Bird just flew through trying to get the spider but missed Random 4  – Do you ever feel that […]

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Phone Time Questions…

Do you spend as much time Tweeting as you do Praying? Do you spend as much time on Facebook, finding out what your friends are doing as you do Studying the Bible to find out what God is doing? Do you allow yourself to constantly get interrupted with email or a text but do not […]

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I have a peace lily in my office… it is real. I’ve had it since my brother in law – Dean Varner – past away a few years ago. It’s a great plant. However, from time to time, when the leaves develop brown and yellow spots, I prune it… cut it…. to get rid of […]

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What we focus on is often what controls us. If its the mess in the house… until it is clean… it gets our attention. If it is the beer we want after work, nothing matters until we have it. If it is the TV program we must watch, everything stops so we can watch it […]

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These are truly dark times… but that is how it has always been. The fact that things are geting worse is not new. We look back and remember better days. The ones before us look back and see days that were better before our time. The ones before the ones before us had the same […]

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I’ve Lost IT

Make no mistake I have lost , and now I don’t know where to find . I have used many times, and sometimes when writing I used too many times. Now is gone. I cannot see . I cannot write . I cannot return . There is no erasing because is not here. So here’s […]

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