Month: September 2013

Random Wednesday


Random 1 – I sit here watching a spider create a web outside my window.

Random 2 – Rained most of the day today so we are listening too Rain Music right now.

Random 3 – Bird just flew through trying to get the spider but missed

Random 4  – Do you ever feel that something is wrong but you don’t know what it is or why you are feeling the way you do?

Random 5 – I had a dream on Monday Evening where an odd looking charater with big finger nails pushed one of those nails into my arm.  I immediately woke up and my arm began hurting in that same spot and continued to hurt the remainder of the day.  Weird.  We don’t even live on Elm Street.

Random 6 – Amazon Order came today – it was a book bag – it was too small

Random 7 – Tried to start working on re-roofing my house last weekend…. Rain had another idea.

Random 8 – It is harder to let go of things you normally do and pass them on to someone else than I thought it would be.

Random 9 – The spider is gone, either he’s been eaten or he is in hiding… maybe they are as scared of birds as humans are scared of them. Or maybe its because it’s raining

Random 10 – Just bought my daughter a new book bag on Amazon… long story

Random 11 – Wrote this way today to try to get some creative thoughts flowing… not sure if it is working

Random 12 – Time to get ready for a funeral then church

Random 13 – There’s not enough hours in the day

Random 14 – Yep


Phone Time Questions…


Do you spend as much time Tweeting as you do Praying?

Do you spend as much time on Facebook, finding out what your friends are doing as you do Studying the Bible to find out what God is doing?

Do you allow yourself to constantly get interrupted with email or a text but do not allow God or church to interrupt your busy schedule?

Recently my family and I went to Disney World, we waited in line for rides, rode rides and ate at different restaurants .  Everywhere we went people were on their phones doing this or that. It was almost as if what they were doing on their phones was more important than the people they were with.

I am willing to bet that if you practice being on your phone while you are with people in a group, you probably spend more time on it than you should. And if you are on it every possible moment you can be on it, it has replaced God in your life, hinders your relationship with Him and you now have an idol.

It’s time for a new spiritual practice to be instituted in our lives….

We need “no phone zones”

You need to set aside moments in your day where you are not on the Phone, you lay it down and leave it alone while you focus on spending time with God.


Reading His word (without having to Tweet it)

And not allowing random stuff to come between you and going to church.

But more importantly…

make God first in your life in action

He can’t be first if your phone is always taking up your time with Him



I have a peace lily in my office… it is real.

I’ve had it since my brother in law – Dean Varner – past away a few years ago.

It’s a great plant.

However, from time to time, when the leaves develop brown and yellow spots, I prune it… cut it…. to get rid of them.

This past monday was one of those pruning moments. There were yellow and brown spots on about a dozen of the leaves… so they were pruned. In the end only 17 healthy leaves were left. Happy and growing into the next phase of life.

This morning I started thinking about conviction. Not the type you have when you hold tightly to a belief. Instead… I was meditating on the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit, the type that comes when we do something wrong. The type that says, that’s a brown spot in your life, it is sin and must be confessed and turned from….

it needs to be pruned.

Then I asked myself this question…

Phillip, When was the last time you felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit?

Not caught doing something and then felt conviction…. no.

When was the last time you did something wrong and the Spirit said to your soul… “Phillip that was wrong.” A conviction that was just between us…. in the privacy of my heart.

When was the last time that happened?

I can think back to some things I have done wrong this week…


The question is did the Holy Spirit convict me that those things were wrong?

If not… then that tells me I have done those things so many times that I have “quenched the Spirit”… I have ignored him pointing out… “hey thats a yellow spot, it should not be apart of your life” and now I am no longer in tune with Him… when it comes to those things.

My prayer today is… if there are any areas where I have quenched Him, He would show me and do some “unquenching” so He is free to work in my life again. .

I need to feel conviction when I sin….

for without it, the yellow and brown spots grow in my life and my life becomes very unhealthy…

just like a plant.

He is the vine… we are the branches…

prune me Lord…

prune me.



What we focus on is often what controls us.

If its the mess in the house… until it is clean… it gets our attention.

If it is the beer we want after work, nothing matters until we have it.

If it is the TV program we must watch, everything stops so we can watch it

If it is the harsh word someone spoke, we can’t let go of it and it effects our interactions with people

If it is the pictures we want to see, we may find ourselves doing things that aren’t good.

If it is the special “weekend sale”, we may find ourselves shopping when we do not need to.

If it is the book we are reading, we may find ourselves carrying the book around with us so we can read it every chance we get.

If its the movie we can’t wait to see, we make sure we get to its first showing.

If it is making our point known, we do whatever it takes to make people listen.

If it is making more money… having more things, we do what it takes to get to that economic level.

If it is Jesus… the things of this world grow dim… we clearly understand they are passing away… they are seen as less important with each passing day.

If it is Jesus… Our relationship with Him becomes central in our lives. So central it changes the way we live.

If it is Jesus.. our priorities change and praying, bible study and church become important in our lives.

If it is Jesus… He is the one that will controls us.


It determines who controls us

What are you focused on today?


These are truly dark times…

but that is how it has always been.

The fact that things are geting worse is not new.

We look back and remember better days.

The ones before us look back and see days that were better before our time.

The ones before the ones before us had the same point of view.

“Things are getting worse”


Just like them..

we live in a world of death..

and death is decay…

death is darkness.

In this darkness there exist flickers of something death does not like, that shows up from time to time, resisting the progression of destruction, pushing back the veil of darkness.

Flickers that cause inward pain to those who would rather not see the death and decay of their own soul.

Powerful rays that show the condition things are in for those who choose to adjust their eyes to the brightness. For those who choose to see the world through the eyes of the One that created them.

He died so people could see what is covered by the…


…unveiling the decay, and the worsening of society.

When our eyes adjust to the light, we find that the flicker was not really in the darkness at all. The flicker has a power of its own. A power that overcomes the dark.

Light and Darkness are not “in each other”. They are as different as night and day.

There is a future a head… a future for those who have become flickers themselves…

A future where there is no darkness…

for all who believe…

for all who have chosen to adjust their eyes…

to the light.

I am looking forward to that day.

I’ve Lost IT


Make no mistake I have lost , and now I don’t know where to find .

I have used many times, and sometimes when writing I used too many times.

Now is gone.

I cannot see .

I cannot write .

I cannot return .

There is no erasing because is not here.

So here’s the question…

What am I supposed to do about ?

‘s not around,

Honestly, I don’t get !

Here is what song lyrics are like without ….

…. doesn’t matter who’s wrong or who’s right,
Just beat beat ,
Just beat beat ,
Just beat beat ,
Just beat beat ,

(Maybe that is why left!)


‘s missing.

And I’m the one who lost .

Jesus says… ” and if he finds , truly, I say to you, he rejoices over more than the other 99 that never went astray.

Finding … is important.

Now… Back to looking for !