A Report on Tithing

October 29 2013 by Katherine Burgess, Religion News Service WASHINGTON – Collection plates are growing even lighter as Protestant church member giving reached new lows in 2011, and tithing probably will not recover from the recession, according to a new report by Empty Tomb, a Christian research group. “Is the issue that the church is not […]

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It is easy to get sucked into a life that is not authentic Especially if you are going into or are in the ministry If you are in the ministry you are pressured to pick a side, hold to a certain view point, all attached to a name or a speaker promoting those views… If […]

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Jesus says, “whatever you ask for in prayer, you will receive… if you have faith.” Now I don’t know about you, but I have asked for plenty of things and did not get them. I have asked for outcomes to “outcome” a particular way and it didn’t happen the way I asked for it to. […]

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Random Wednesday

1. God blesses in unexpected ways. 2. Sometimes what was stolen gets replaced 3. Devil go on get your junk out of hear – I don’t need you so move on! (tobymac) 4. I’m thinking about putting a GPS tracking system on our Holiday Yard Decorations, looks like that might cost to much… but wouldn’t […]

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Stolen in the middle of the night or maybe before or maybe after someone snuck onto our property and took our wooden Charlie Brown Halloween display except for Lucy it was nice of them to allow us to keep her… (sarcasm) after all they must have thought that our stuff was their’s and that’s why […]

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Costume Contest Rules

Costume Contest Rules for Farmington Baptist Chicken Stew Plus (October 26th) 1. The Costumes cannot be inappropriate or scary. 2. Each Costume can either be made or purchased. 3. This Costume Contest is for any age. You must be between the ages of 0-100 and not be dead (If you appear dead, but can walk that […]

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