Rhythms of Christmas

It wasn’t about caesar the ruler of the world It wasn’t about the whole world It wasn’t about registering your family It wasn’t about Quirinius the governor It wasn’t even about Syria or rome for that matter and what they were doing it wasn’t about Joseph though he played a major role in the story […]

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The Christmas Story Again?

Everyone knows the story It’s not new to most and it comes up every year this time But is it old to you? Or does it mean something to you still? It’s the Story of God coming to earth as a baby, becoming flesh, God incarnate, to be held in the arms of people who […]

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Mary’s Rhythm

It was probably an ordinary day for Mary. She was a faithful happy lady, engaged to be married to a faithful and happy man… life was good.  She must have been going about her normal daily task when she had a visitor with a message that changed her life… and ours. A message that changed […]

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I’m a Slave of Jesus’

It just dawned on me today what some people think human free will is…. Some seem to think that Free Will means they are the masters of their destiny, their direction in life and have the power to choose who they serve, because they are the masters of their life and what they do… kind […]

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