Life is riddled with riddles.  Riddles that are unspoken. Riddles that cause the question… Why? Why this, why that, why did it happen, why didn’t it happen, why me, why them, why her, why him, why us? and sometimes the answer that the “why” demands doesn’t come, which causes the question… Why? Why no answer? […]

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It’s in The Stars – The Music

Over the next few days I will be posting information I had to cut from the “It’s In the Stars” message.  Today however I am responding to a few questions concerning the music I used in the presentation.  Tomorrow we will get down to business with more “Star” info. Here’s a list of the music […]

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In the deepest parts of our heart lives things that we are not proud of. Dark thoughts evil thoughts Thoughts that if they were ever made known to our friends and family they would send them running But God knows these thoughts, our tendencies toward sin and the darkness that resides deep within… the darkness […]

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