What did they Say?

We listen to words way to much and ignore the spirit by which they are said. For example if someone was to say… “The color is red” What is being communicated has more to do with what their spirit is saying than it does the actual words. If it is yelled it means one thing […]

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What to write?

Today was one of these days you had a lot of “post starters” but couldn’t seem to get any traction on any of them. The day started with an idea about Bible Study and Spiritual growth and how there are some people who think they are growing spiritually because they read the Bible through a […]

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Not Enough

With the recent death of Robin Williams it seems that the media is consumed with the idea that popularity, riches and financial success in this world is not enough to make one stable and satisfied… and they are right. But then I ask… “what do they count on to make them happy?” (the news people) […]

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Being a Pastor

I don’t think In fact I know I never expected to have to know about so many things when I became a pastor.  How relationships work, both marriage, family and friendships. How to lead different types of people and what exactly is the makeup of a person so you can effectively lead them and place […]

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