I shop on In fact I think I have bought more things online this year than I have in an actual store.  A friend of mine, Bryan Lakey encouraged be early on (because he reads most if not all of the reviews on a product before he orders it) to read the reviews before […]

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What do you think Friday…

Yesterday I had a conversation with another pastor in which we disagreed on a particular point but after talking a while about it and not coming to a firm agreement on it we parted…. as friends going to lunch again next week. I’m not sure when the last time that has happened to me.  Where […]

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The Day Was Young

The day was young, I had just gotten up the sleepers were nearly out of my eyes and then… phone ringing picked up not so good news but not to bad either The day was young, I made it to the bathroom. Shower was cold, floor was wet and then… slipped fell But now hurts […]

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Reach Out

The question for the church is… Can we reach out? or maybe the question is… Are we reaching out? Or maybe the question is… Do we think we are reaching out but we are really only reaching in… to ourselves? Is it bad to reach in and minister to each other in the church? No, […]

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An Implication of being Created

We are created beings. This means that at sometime in the past, recent or otherwise, we did not exist. Neither did planet Earth, the Moon, our Solar System or the Universe for that matter. There was a point in time where nothing occupied the space we now live in. But today, I exist and so […]

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