Month: April 2015

Quitting is more about who you are than where you are


This post is written by John Maxwell, for more blog postings by him click on his link in the blogroll section of this site.

Back in December, I wrote about the importance of starting well. In the comments, many people agreed with me, but they also pointed out the critical nature of continuing after you start. They were right. Like I said at the time, starting and finishing are the two covers of the book. The main part – the pages – represents the day-to-day labor needed to achieve your goal.

Unfortunately, in many ways starting is the easy part. Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, “The great majority of men are bundles of beginnings.”

What about you? Are you merely a starter? When the enthusiasm for a new idea fades, when the passion cools, when the odds against you increase and the results diminish, when it looks as if success is impossible, will you maintain your intensity and keep going? Are you tenacious?

Consider the fact that Admiral Robert Peary attempted to reach the North Pole seven times before he succeeded. Oscar Hammerstein produced five shows that were flops on Broadway before staging Oklahoma, which had a record-breaking run of 2,212 performances. Thomas Edison failed in his attempt to create a workable lightbulb 10,000 times before creating one that finally worked. To achieve your dream, you need to be able to keep going when others quit.

To develop tenacity, keep in mind that…

Quitting is more about who you are than where you are.

Everyone faces difficulty when working toward a dream. And if someone fails, he can make excuses for what went wrong, how the unexpected happened, how someone let him down, how circumstances worked against him.

But the reality is that the external things do not stop people. Those who achieve their dreams don’t have an easier path than those who do not. They just have a different internal attitude about the journey. The great artist Leonardo da Vinci once declared, “Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed on a star does not change his mind.”

The one who achieves the dream sees the journey differently.
Instead of thinking, “Not enough people believe in me. I’ll never make it,” he says,

“My belief in myself is enough; I can make it.”

Instead of, “It’s taking too long to realize my dream,” she reminds herself,

“Dreams are realized one day at a time.”

Rather than, “Enough is enough! I’ve taken enough hits!” she declares,

“I’ve come too far to give up now.”

Instead of, “I don’t have the strength to hold onto my dream,” he tells himself,

“Hold on a little longer. The darkest hour comes just before the dawn.”

Novelist Harriet Beecher Stowe said, “When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

And I love how H.E. Jensen expressed an achiever’s way of thinking: “The man who wins may have been counted out several times, but he didn’t hear the referee.” The only real guarantee for failure is to stop trying.

So when things go wrong, when the obstacles seem too great, when the difficulties get to be too much, when your dream seems to be impossibly far away, your job is to simply keep going. If you stop, it won’t be because of what happens around you. It will be because of what happens in you. Choose to see things differently. Success is probably closer than you think. Just keep moving forward.


Do you Tithe on your Tax Return Money?


Today someone asked me this question…

Do I need to give a tithe my tax return money?

The answer is no… IF you are in the habit of tithing every time you get paid  then the money you are receiving back from the government you have already tithed on that money.  If you decide to give a portion of the money that has been returned to you from the government it becomes an expression of love that says to God. I love you, I am thankful for all you have done for me and I want to express that to you by giving more than is required.

However, if you are not in the habit of giving your tithe to God on a regular basis then the answer is YES.

If you only tithe on the amount you bring home (after taxes) the answer is yes and you should also tithe on the amount you paid into the government as well because you haven’t tithed on that either.

This is not so the church will get money or make money.  If your church is following Jesus that is never the reason to give to the church.  We give because of Jesus, expressing our love for Him by obeying his command to give a portion back to Him for the work of spreading the gospel,  to Making disciples of all nations.  We give because we are saying to God, you have given this to me and I by faith am giving a potion back to you. It is an act of faith that says “I know God that you will keep your promise to take care of my needs.”

The questions of tithing isn’t..

How much?

Do I need to?

Is it before taxes or after?

Will I make it if I do it?

Do I really need to give this much money?

Is it really commanded?

The questions should be…

Do you have faith in God enough to make it a spiritual habit of your life?

Is your spiritual walk with him worth giving what is required to His church?

Is this a big deal to me because I trust in money more than I trust in God?

So there you go…



Not Sure & 2 Statements & 3 Interesting Things = 5

Not sure what to write and I feel like Im in a time crunch before I have to leave for lunch to at least write something to post to the blog today.  It has been a while and really I just haven’t had the time (at times) or have not wanted to take the time (at other times) to write something.  I enjoy writing but sometimes I know I shouldn’t because of something I’m going through that I am scared will make it to the screen and then to the world (dangerous times) and I will wind up regretting the words I chose to write for that day.  Today I am trying to get to working on the sermon for Sunday but I need to eat lunch so Im going to do that but hoped I would finish this before I had to leave. It seems however its about that time…


I’m now on My way to Hams, I’ll be back in a moment to possibly write about 5 things you need to know from this week, or a few thoughts concerning things I read in the news this week or something God has taught me this week.  Not Sure which yet…

So now I’m back from Lunch…

1 – Let’s just let it go concerning the Wisconsin vs Duke game and quit casting a bad light on either team by blaming refs for the game. Now I’m not a Duke or Wisconsin fan but if you don’t stop I’ll start posting articles from previous years where the same argument was used just with different teams.  There are some real sore losers in this world… and Blue Devil Haters…. Sad.

2 – Just came from a lunch where I experienced a very disrespectful teenager first hand.  I hope his parents are able to handle that before someone punches him in the face.

3 – Google is “secretly developing a conference call app called GMeet.  It’s so secret you’ve just heard about it here.

4 – SpaceX is going to try to land a rocket on a platform again on April 13th. They are trying to develop the worlds first reusable rocket.  Here is their first attempt…

5 – Pebble Time begins shipping in May.  It’s Kickstarter campaign was nothing short of amazing and had broke a few records.  Pebble Time is the color version of the Pebble watch. One additional hardware feature is a microphone so you can dictate text messages.  Though it is not the Apple Watch it is a great low-cost alternative.


So I guess that’s it….

For now.

8 Things You Might Want to Know About Easter


1.  The historical accounts of where the Easter Egg originated are mixed.  Some say it is connected to a pagan practice of celebrating fertility. Other accounts connect it to Mary (the mother of Jesus) who brought eggs with her the day Jesus died and his blood fell on a few of them, thus starting the coloring of the eggs tradition.  Others have the Easter Egg representing the new life that comes every spring. Some say we received the coloring of Eggs from the ancient Egyptians.

What we know for sure is the decorating of Eggs can be traced back to the 13th century.  Eggs were one of the foods that were forbidden during Lent season in those Medieval Times.  During the final few days leading up to Easter people would boil the eggs to keep them from going bad, would paint them different colors as a reminder of when they boiled them, and then on Easter (Lent being over) eat them.  Eggs became a very popular food to eat on Easter in Western Culture as a result of this.

2. Have you ever wondered how Jesus was in the grave for 3 days if He died on Friday?  Well, the fact is He did not die on Friday, He died on Thursday.  The first day of Passover was always considered to be a Sabbath Day (a day of rest) regardless of the day it began on.  When Jesus passed away, the first day of Passover was on a Friday thus Friday was a Sabbath day as was the following day (Saturday) thus they had two Sabbath Days in a row.  So Jesus was in the grave Thursday evening, Friday evening (Friday being a Sabbath because it was the first day of Passover) and Saturday evening.

The beginning day of Passover as a Sabbath day is one of Seven Specially called Sabbath Days that were commanded to be observed on a day other than the last day of the week. Leviticus 23 lists these special Sabbath days.

3. Bunnys do not lay eggs and Easter Beagles do not deliver them to children on Easter.

(Ok you probably knew that one)


4. When Jesus died a lot of tombs were opened and there were saints that were resurrected from those graves.  These resurrected people went to their homes in the city and appeared to their families and friends after Jesus was resurrected from the grave. Matthew 27:52-53

“Honey, I’m Home” (Faint)

5. Eggs were once used as birth certificates.  During the 19th century, if a family could not make it to a town hall quickly they would boil an egg, dye the egg according to the gender of the child (today it would be blue or pink I guess) and then they would inscribe the child’s name and birth date on the egg.

Yes, back then this was completely legal.

6. Cuba is now celebrating good Friday but only 10 US States and two territories still have it as an official holiday.



7. Jelly Beans were originally created by a Boston Candy maker for Civil War Soldiers.



8. The date of Easter moves each year based on the moon. In 325AD the Council of Nicaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.  Next year Easter is early, it will take place on March 27th 2016.

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