Count Down Timer

We are one week away from the most thankful time America has in a given year. We are a week and one day away from the most greedy time America has in a given year. It is not that I think that every home across America will have people in them giving thanks like they […]

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I am Blessed and I’m not referring to the things I have or my children or my wife though they are blessings. I am Blessed and not just because of the roof that is over my head and the many things inside of that house though those are items I have been blessed with. I […]

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“Stay Strong” (Nathan Part 2)

Our hearts ache Our bodies are exhausted Our eyes are still filled with tears.  Tears that come at unexpected moments of memory. The more we try to get our minds off of what has happened, the more frequent are the remembrances of a life that once was. I’m not sure we realized how much Nathan meant to […]

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Nathan was a kid in our neighborhood.  For the past 7 years or so my daughter and my son played with him, sometimes at our house and at other times at his.  His yard was one of the best places in the neighborhood to play soccer, have nerf wars or play Star Wars.  I can’t […]

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I’m not Wrestling with you!

Have you ever had that friend… you know that one the one you were close to and you trusted them and then they turned on you. and now you are in the middle of a conflict of emotion, relation and will. Have you ever had a friendship come to the point of breaking apart? Have […]

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