Month: November 2016

The Possum Chronicles – Thanksgiving Edition

Its a great view from up here huh? (Daresum)

Great view. (Grissum)

There she is…. the farmer’s lunch. (Daresum)

She doesn’t even know… She’s so happy (Grissum)

What a life, she has ate well this year. (Daresum)

Very well… Sun’s starting to come up. (Grissum)

Lights (Daresum)

and now for the… (Grissum)

Action. (Daresum)

Screen door opens and shuts.

Hey look over there… a doe. (Daresum)

Yea a john doe. (Grissum) I wonder where he is?

Here comes the farmer

He’s got the ax… this is so exciting (Daresum)

That’s kind of morbid (Grissum)

Look she’s waddling right up to him, just like she does every day. (Daresum)

She is huge (Grissum)

16 pounder? (Daresum)

Naw more like 36 pounder, the biggest turkey yet. (Grissum)

plenty of scraps for us. (Daresum)

plenty. (Grissum)

food is on the stump. (Daresum)

She’s movin to gobble. (Grissum)


Look at that head roll. (Daresum)

Dumb bird. (Grissum)

Look at him just pick up the body. (Daresum)

Strong. (Grissum)

Well tomorrow we’ll have…. (Daresum)

BOOM! (Shot Gun)

Grissum and Daresum startled, Daresum looses his balance and slides down the barn’s metal roof.

He falls

On to John’s back,

and grabs His rack.

John is moving,

John’s doe is moving.

Daresum is hanging on

John is running for dear life.

another boom.

Grissum looks on watching Daresum’s backside hobble up and down on John’s back.

John’s Doe disappears,

John and Daresum disappears

into the woods.

Human voices…

Dadburn we missed em.

Hey lets shot that possum on top of the barn.

Grissum gone.

flees under a shed near by.

all is quiet…

except for the sound of a fowl being skinned.




I am Blessed and I’m not referring to the things I have or my children or my wife though they are blessings.

I am Blessed and not just because of the roof that is over my head and the many things inside of that house though those are items I have been blessed with.

I am Blessed and though I am alive today and in good heath – which is a blessing – I am not referring to that either…

I am Blessed because while I was a sinner Christ took the punishment for my sins on the cross he died on.

I am Blessed because He saw me and loved me enough to save me.

I am Blessed because each failure I have had (and will have) is now seen through the eyes of Christ’s Love.

I am Blessed because even though I am not worth very much I still have value because of Christ’s Love.

Mac Powell puts it the best when he sings…

“Blessed are you as you weep on your knees
With perfume and tears washing over My feet
And blessed are you, beggar, hopeless and blind
Calling for mercy when I’m passing by

Blessed are you, shaking your head
At two tiny fish and some bread
And blessed are you as you tremble and wait
For the first stone thrown at your sinful disgrace

Tell Me your story, show Me your wounds
And I’ll show you what Love sees when Love looks at you
Hand Me the pieces, broken and bruised
And I’ll show you what Love sees when Love sees you

I see what I made in your mother’s womb
And I see the day I fell in love with you
I see your tomorrows, nothing left to chance
I see My Father’s fingerprints

I see your story, I see My name
Written on every beautiful page
You see the struggle, you see the shame
I see the reason I came

I came for your story, I came for your wounds
To show you what Love sees when I see you”

I am Blessed because Love saw me….

The reality of Thankfulness


Music touches us for different reasons.  The beat of the music often draws us to it, from a slow rhythmic vibe to a heavy blood pumping beat and everything in between from syncopation to straight rhythm we are often attracted by the way music moves us…

or doesn’t.

Some of us are moved by a certain style of music, for some it is blue-grass “picking and grinnin”, others like how pop music makes them want to move, country music, rock and roll, praise and worship , rap, classical music, Jazz music and the list could go on, each style is liked when it feels good to our souls when we hear it.

The music we really fall in love with (regardless of style) has lyrics that we identify with, especially when the music is religious in nature.  We often contect with a message in a song that describes something we have gone through or we connect with it when the words of a song expresses a certain emotion we have been feeling for a while but haven’t been able to put words to and the song does that for us.

During the Thanksgiving season, as some of you know, we play only Thanksgiving music at our house.  The list of songs we play is has almost 140 different tunes. The list itself takes a little over 8 hours to play.  When we start listening to this music at the first of the month things are great, the songs are very enjoyable and makes us feel like we have transitioned in to another Holiday.  Which we have.  This music colors this part of the year for us, it makes us feel like we are in the Thanksgiving Season…


…about 10 days into playing these songs of thanks, they get somewhat tiresome to listen to.  At first I thought that maybe it was because it’s the same songs over and over again and we just have gotten tired of listening to them.  That however isn’t it, and if you think it is you haven’t considered how many people have sang certain Christmas tunes. There are multiple versions of every Christmas song from O Holy Night, Carol of the Bells, Rudaolf the Red Noise Reindeer, Let it Snow and so on and so forth… Some of us tirelessly play the same Christmas Album over and over again…

…and we never seem to get tired of those songs…

So that can’t be it.

A few years ago I realized why we always hit this “slump” about half way through the Thanksgiving Season.  It is a sad reality but a true one, We have gotten tired of giving Thanks everyday, hearing the same theme of “thanks” or “gratitude” in every song and want something else to listen to that has another topic, or another message its proclaiming.  Why?

Because  we are not as thankful as we need to be.  If our hearts were thankful we would never tire of hearing the Thanksgiving Music.

So what do we do?


We keep on playing the Thanksgiving play list. In reality –  it takes about two days to get over the “slump of it all” before the songs take on a life of their own in our hearts.  Yes, there is a turning point where I realize I need to be more thankful for things than I really am, so I confess the sin of not being as thankful to God for His many blessings as I should be and I start counting them one by one.  Blessings of things in my life I really do not deserve, prayers that have been answered that really should have gone the other way, grace and mercy I have received from God that I really didn’t deserve. Good health a great family and a wonderful church.

During the slump I make myself listen to the words of the songs more carefully. I think about them, meditate on them and as I do they give me a revived perspective, a perspective  I should have had from the beginning…

That God doesn’t owe me anything, I owe Him everything and because of that I should never have a problem being thankful. Though I know this in my mind, it is during this time of confession that it makes it back to my heart where it should always reside.

And that is the reality of Thankfulness.


3 Questions Everyone Answers


There are 3 questions that everyone answers everyday they live.  Some people answer them because someone has brought them to their attention, either from a book they have read, from a speaker they have heard or from a friend that has challenged them to consider them.  Others have asked these questions but in a different way, with different words.  Everyone else, though they have never thought about them have answered them subconsciously.  The way they are answered guides everything we choose to do and will determine the person we will eventually become.

Question 1 – Who do you look up to?

Question 2 – What do you value?

Question 3 – Who are you trying to be like? (Who are you chasing?) Who are you trying to be 10 years from now?

This is a trinity of questions, you can’t have one without the other. No one just answers the first one and disregards the other two.  No one chooses 2 of the 3 and ignores one of them.  They are answered even if you think you are not answering them.  They exist together as a unit.

The answers for each are always different, even if you try to make them the same. For example, if you answer them this way…

Question 1 – Bob

Question 2 – My Family

Question 3 – Bob

Then Question 1 or 3 isn’t really Bob.  One of them could be Bob but the other can’t be, because who you are chasing is a result of who you look up too.  Who you look up to is the person you look to for guidance and direction, who you are trying to be like is never the same person, though you might convince yourself it is.  The person you are trying to be like is looking up to the same person you are looking up to.

Again the questions are not individual, they are a trinity, you can’t split up the set. Your mind always answers these 3 questions differently and the answers are always connected.  It is what drives you, determines your actions, your values and your direction in life.

The question is, are you being intentional about answering these 3 questions or are you just letting them answer themselves from your subconscious state.

I would encourage you to be intentional about answering them. Take a few moments today to think through them, pray through them and find answers for them.

I have answered these questions and it is amazing the focus that has come to my life as a result of doing this exercise.

Thanksgiving Music


Each year beginning in October our family begins to play holiday theme music to carry us through the holiday season.  It starts with October Music and ends with Christmas Music. In between those is what we call Thanksgiving Music (of course:)).  Over the years this list has evolved with songs being added and others we took off because we could bear them no longer.  If you are looking for songs to play during this Thanksgiving season below is a list you can choose from. At the bottom there is a link to the PDF version of this list.  Also, if you have any suggestions of music we could add to our list please let me know by commenting below.

You will not find a list of Thanksgiving Music this extensive any where else!


Thanksgiving Music 2016.jpgThanksgiving Music 20162.jpgThanksgiving Music 20163.jpgThanksgiving Music 2016.4jpg.jpg