Month: February 2017

The sad life of Deuteronomy Chapter 1


The Grace and Mercy of God are amazing things and are more abundant than our wildest dreams.  It is sufficient to cover our sins and keep us in step with God.

But what happens when a group of people continually rebel against God over and over again?  Does Grace can Mercy still cover them?

Yes, it does.

However continual rebellion towards God, a continual “I’ll live like I want to” knowing that it isn’t a way God would have you live, or living with a lack of faith by not pursuing what he has called you to do has consequences that are still Gracious and Merciful  but prevent you from achieving and receiving the goal God has set before you to accomplish.

Sometimes people never achieve their full potential in Christ because they fail to believe and pursue God’s will with everything they have and every ounce of faith they could have mustered up.

The children of Israel – a certain portion of them anyway. Never made it in life to where God intended for them to be.  Their lack of faith caused them too fall way short of God’s vision for their lives and they missed out on the blessings God desired for them to have.


This is a sobering lesson.





My son is an awesome great kid.  Here lately he has been focused on getting into early college and has been very serious about it.  We were not sure why he was pursuing this with such vigor until one day after school his mom asked him.

“Why do you want to go to early college?”

His answer

“Well, if I go to early college that will take 2 years off of my college time.  Aurora will graduate my first year in college then I will graduate from college the next year and we will all be back living at home.”

Then Nicole explained to him how life worked, Aurora will probably be getting married and he would be well on his way to making that commitment. Pursuing your careers.

This revelation was shocking to him…

Here lately I am seeing my daughter less and less.  This was ok during Marching Band Season but now she has a boy friend and goes on dates with him.  This weekend she went on a date on Friday evening, was home by 8 but immediately did homework for the rest of the evening.  Saturday she went to a life guard recertification class, came home and did homework. Sunday we went to church, out to eat and then she did homework and watched a TV show she has gotten into here recently and then read (for homework) and went to bed.  Today I saw her for maybe 5 minutes this morning and here we are.

Things are changing and it doesn’t take a prophet to let me know where this is heading.

Things are changing and I’m playing catch up and adjustment.

The days of being able to fully protect her and have her around all the time are coming to a close.

And my son is not far behind.

I am thankful that these changes are the normal changes that life brings our way.  My children are healthy and are doing what they are suppose to be doing.  Its just an odd experience seeing them become more independent and seeing them less and less at the same time.  It is at this point I am glad Nicole and I adjusted our social life to include them in what we did.  They were rarely left with baby sitters and even today we do not leave them at home alone very much. We choose to make the most out of every moment with them because we know one day they will no longer be with us and those days would come quicker than we would want them too. As time progresses you see your children less and less – thats just the way of things.

I know this is an odd post, but it is what I have been thinking about here lately…