Month: August 2017

Thoughts From Dinkins Bottom Road #24


Time Flies


So, many of you just like us have started school again.  This morning I looked over some post from the past, some were written about my kids transition to middle school , when my oldest started High School, and now both are there…. one is a Senior one is a Freshman.

To say time is flying by is an major understatement.

My daughter’s senior year has started off great.  My son is adjusting to the new school and the new way school is being done. My daughter will be in college next year…


While My son will be in High school living at home without his sister being there.

she will be gone

but will visit

This is the normal progression of life, and we want our kids to grow up and become independent. We are thankful that they are but there is a touch of sadness to the inevitable change that is coming.

My son last year when we were deciding which courses he should take in High School was determined to take college courses his freshman year.  He was so persistent with this we finally asked him why. He said…

“If I get two years of college out of the way while I’m in High School that would mean I would only have 2 more years to go after I graduate.Then after college I’d be back at home to live with you guys and Aurora because she would have graduated the year before and would be back home.”

I get what he is saying… it is really cool what we have right now.  None of us want it to end. But as good as it is – it will not last.  Things will change and these days with both our kids at home will become a memory as we move into the next stage of life.

So… I’m going to try quit thinking about all this by tomorrow… and live each of these special days with my kids to there fullest.

Knowing that change is not to far away…

because after all…

“time flies” is an understatement.



It’s not a switch…. it never has been.

Choices matter, and sometimes we make a choice that has long term consequences.

In fact we can make a choice faster than we can change its results.

We tend to think that if we make a bad choice that hurts someone that the very next day we can make a right choice and everything will be just fine….

…. there is no greater lie than that.

Our choices are always a part of our future… they are not switches that “turn on a situation” and then when we’ve had enough we just switch them off, (leave it behind, disconnect ourselves from it), only to “switch on” something else, another situation, that isn’t affected by our previous choice.

Instead every decision we make takes us down a particular path toward a particular direction. If that direction is bad and we desire to change … only repentance, God’s help, Time and good decisions will bring us back to where we want to be.

It takes time to change the environment you wish you hadn’t created.

So be careful today with the choices you make….

Before you slam that door, before you say something you shouldn’t or before you make that financial decision…

take a moment and think…

where will this take me?

For once you make that choice…

the consequences are coming…

for YOU have set them in motion.