Share the Gospel on Halloween

I have been involved in a discussion with other pastors on social media concerning Halloween and should we celebrate it or even allow our families to participate in it. The answer is NO and YES. It is true that Halloween is a spiritual holiday for Satanism.  Having “some” of its roots in the night before […]

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How to Share the Gospel #3

Scripture Presentation This is another way of presenting the gospel that every believer should know. There are many different scriptures that can be used for giving a simple presentation of the gospel. One oldie but goodie is the Romans Road. This selection of scripture is taken solely from the book of Romans and covers the […]

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Ways to Share the Gospel #3

11. Do a random act of kindness and leave a note simply saying “because Jesus loves you.” 12. Invite them to a church event. Many people who don’t attend regularly would go if you ask, especially around major Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter. 13. Do you own a business? Leave a couple Bibles in the […]

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How to Share the Gospel #2

Ask Spiritual Questions Sometimes before you can share your testimony or a gospel presentation, you simply need to get to a spiritual conversation. You can do that by asking a few good questions. This is the approach I personally take with strangers I encounter during the course of every day living. I do this with […]

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Ways to Share the Gospel #2

6. Having a garage sale? Put a few Bibles on a table with a “Free–take one!” sign. 7. Teach Sunday School. 8. When someone is sick, bring them a hot meal and a card with a nice note and an encouraging Scripture verse written on it. 9. Ask their opinion about current events. Share your […]

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Ways to Share the Gospel #1

1.Tell people that you went (or are going) to church when they ask about your weekend. Add in a quick sentence about what the sermon was about. 2.Refuse to participate in ungodly activities. When they ask why, politely(!!) let them know. 3.Play Christian radio in your car when you carpool (It’s okay to have it […]

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