Thanksgiving Music

Each year beginning in October our family begins to play holiday theme music to carry us through the holiday season.  It starts with October Music and ends with Christmas Music. In between those is what we call Thanksgiving Music (of course:)).  Over the years this list has evolved with songs being added and others we took […]

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Seems this fall I have been faced with a season of grief.  There are things that sometimes happen that are totally out of my control.  I didn’t cause them to happen, they just happened.  Things like decisions friends make that hurt me to to core, and the knowledge that I know the decision wasn’t the […]

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How to Share the Gospel #5

Plan of Salvation Bracelet You’ve probably seen this one~ it is a simple bracelet with colors representing the facts of the gospel. Just wear it and use it! Christian carries the bracelet and scripture reference card. Note: This information is not original with me, the source is found at

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Ways to Share the Gospel #5

21. Start a Bible study with a few Christian friends. Ask nonbelievers if they would like to join you. 22. Wear t-shirts/jewelry with Christian themes on them. 23. Help people stranded on the side of the road. Give God the credit. (Be careful with this one…) 24. Get involved with the children’s / youth ministry […]

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